Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” gets a special two night Disney event started with the couple performing as characters from classic Disney films.

First on the dance floor was Sophia and Jake with a Samba to the music of “The Little Mermaid”. Kim Kardashian came to visit Sophia during rehearsals this week. Co-host Jordan Fisher said that it was the way to get the show started off. Saying that the dance was really good, Mandy agreed that it was the way to start the show. Adam said that last week he asked Sophia to to up her performance and noted that he saw that this week. Noting that playing a villain is hard, Val said that they did a great job but told Sophia to finish her hands. Sophia and Jake scored 19 points for their dance.

Performing the first Contemporary routine on the show, Mckenzie and Sage dance to the music of “Pocahontas”. Jordan said that it was a beautiful Contemporary dance. Adam said that he had chills from their dance. Val called the dance breathtaking with so much purity. Calling it amazing, Award winning Contemporary choreographer Mandy Moore said that the danced a great Contemporary routine. Mckenzie and Sage scored 27 points for their dance.

Performing to the music from “Lilo and Stitch” Ariana and Artyon danced a Samba. Jordan noted that it was the first time ever on the series that there was a dance to “Lilo and Stitch”. Noting that the Samba is a difficult dance, Val praised the duo for their balance. Saying that the dance was well choreographed, Mandy called the dance amazing. Adam noted that Ariana has given consistent and beautiful performances. Ariana and Artyon scored 25 points for their dance. The dance opened with a limbo and the duo challenged Jordan to a limbo contest and he did it.

Mandla and Brightyn performed a Jazz dance to the music of “Coco”. Jordan said that they did an incredible job. Mandy said that this week Mandla was in the pocket one hundred percent. Noting that he can see that Mandla is still working on his technique, Adam said that the performance was so good. Val noted that Mandla has set the bar very high for himself, but this week he felt underwhelmed by the performance. Mandlaa and Brightyn scored 21 points for their dance.

Miles and Rylee performed a Charleston to the music of “Aladdin”. Jordan called the performance absolutely incredible. Adam noted that they were saying don’t forget abut me with their dance. Calling the dance excellent,Val noted that the dance was a huge Broadway production and Miles commanded it. Mandy noted that a lesser dancer would have been lost in the routine; adding that Miles did some wonderful dancing. Miles and Rylee scored 27 points for their dance to tie for the top scores of the night.

Alana and Tristan danced a Foxtrot to the music of “Beauty and the Beast”. Noting that there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t smiling, Val said that Alana dances from her heart. Noting that Alana is getitng better every week, Mandy said that Alana was cool, calm, and collected this week; adding that she loved the dance. Adam said that Alana tells a story with her dance and moved them. Alana and Tristan scored 21 points for their dance.

Sky and JT also performed a Contemporary dance. Dancing to the music of “Muana”, mentor Alan took the duo to the beach to help them get in the mood of the song. Jordan called it a gorgeous Contemporary dance. Mandy said that they had her from the beginning but cautioned Sky on her floppy feet. Calling Sky a storyteller, Adam said that Sky’s range was most impressive; adding the the dance was so mature. Val said that he loved it; adding that the dance was so incredible and they did a great job. Sky and JT scored 24 points for their dance.

Jason and Elliana danced a Foxtrot to the music of “Toy Story”. Calling the dance incredible, Jordan told Jason, good stuff dude. Noting that Jason has been a great dancer, Adam said that tonight, Jason showed that he is also a great partner. Calling them adorable, Val said that the dance was excellent with great technique and footwork. Mandy noted that there were some good moments in frame. Jason and Elliana scored 22 points for their dance.

In the last dance of the night, Akash and Kamri danced a Jive to the music of “Hercules”. Jordan said good job dude to Akash. Val said that Akash showed a lot of personality. Noting that the dance is difficult due to its speed, Mandy said that Akash was on the beat. Adam said that Akash wears his heart on his sleeve and fills the room with joy. Akash and Kamri scored 21 points for their dance.

Disney Night scores:
Sophia and Jake – 19
Mandla and Brightyn – 21
Alana and Tristan – 21
Akash and Kamri – 21
Jason and Elliana – 22
Sky and JT – 24
Ariana and Artyon – 25
Mckenzie and Sage – 27
Miles and Rylee – 27

After the judge’s scores and the audience votes the couple going home this week was Sophia and Jake.

Next week DWTS: Juniors kicks off a two night celebration of Halloween.