It’s trio night on “Dancing with the Stars” and the twist this season is that the couples will bill not be dancing with pros but DWTS alums and other stars

After a group performance and introductions, Juan Pablo and Cheryl join forces with All Star season champion Melissa Rycroft for a Cha Cha. Last week, Juan Pablo and Cheryl earned the first perfect score of the season. The trio earned some rousing cheers from the crowd. Len said that in this case three was terrific; adding that there was a lively mix of steps but would have wanted more Cha Cha content. Len said that Juan Pablo’s bottom is the tops. Agreeing with Len, Bruno called the dance dead sexy. Bruno noted that Juan Pablo got a bit out of sync but otherwise was fantastic. Carrie Ann said that the dance was sexy and had hip action; adding that she felt Juan Pablo was holding back but he did hold the center. The trio scored 24 points for their dance.

Tinashe and Brandon were paired with season 18 runner up Amy Purdy for a Tango. Bruno said that the structure of the choreography created wonderful images; adding that the dance was superb. Calling it the most innovative choreography, Carrie Ann said that it was a fantastic Tango. Noting that trio dances are tough and the Tango is even tougher, Len said that they handled it well. The trio earned 26 points for their dance.

John and Emma paired up with former N’Sync singer and DWTS season four runner up Joey Fatone for an Argentine Tango that featured the guys as Greek gods. During the dance, Emma’s hair got stuck in the guy’s costumes. Noting that the dance started out rough, Carrie Ann said that the energy in Emma came out; adding that the dance showed a new side of John. Saying that there was no messing abut, Len said that the dance had passion and attack. Saying that the music choice demanded concentration on timing, Bruno said that they did a very good job. The trio scored 21 points for their dance.

Gleb, Arte, and Val performed a Paso Doble.

Evanna and Keo joined up with Evanna’s fellow Harry Potter star Scarlett Byrne for a Salsa. Calling it a polished performance, Len said that the dance had nice Salsa content; adding that it was a great routine. Noting that Evanna becomes more lively and confident each week, Bruno said that they lost a bit with the sync of the music. Carrie Ann noted that they seemed really relaxed and they did a great job but were a bit out of sync. The trio scored 24 points for their dance.

DeMarcus and Lindsay joined up with DWTS season 24 champion Rashaad Jennings for a grid ironed battle themed Paso Doble that brought rousing cheers from the crowd. In their manly greeting, Rashaad kicked DeMarcus in the hand and DeMarcus dislocated one of his fingers. Saying that it was hard to concentrate, Bruno said that the dance had some awesome power; but cautioned DeMarcus not to lose the artistry of the dance. Saying that she loved the way the guys showcased their physique, Carrie Ann said that the dance lacked shaping. Len said that the guys had the guns but didn’t always have the ammunition; adding that the dance was a little flimsy on occasion; Len added that the dance had great attitude ad attack. The tio scored 22 points for their dance.

Mary Lou and Sasha were joined by DWTS season 20 semi finalist Nastia Lukin for a Charleston. The dance included Sasha lifting both girls at the same time. Host Tom Bergeron said that it was a wonderful trio dance. Saying that they were better than last week, Carrie Ann noted that they brought styles together. Len called the dance fun and snappy; adding that he is happy. Saying that the dance was invigorating as a double espresso, Bruno said that Sasha showcased the girls. The trio scored 26 points for their dance.

Milo and Witney joined up with DWTS season 20 runner up Riker Lynch for a Salsa that brought the crowd to their feet. Saying that it was the best dance of the night, Len said that Witney was flying around like a Frisbee; adding that the dance was fast, clean, in control, and had plenty of attack. Calling the dance Salsational, Bruno said that the dance was electrifying and the choreography details were delicious. Bruno noted that the trio hit every syncopation in the dance to perfection. Saying that the dance was so in sync, Carrie Ann noted that they were feeling each other and was absolutely perfect. Earning the highest score of the night, the trio scored 29 points for their dance.

Joe and Jenna are joined by fellow Bachelor franchise Jordan Kimball for a Salsa to “I’m too Sexy” that included the guys getting wet in the shower at the end. Tom said that the trio had the only garage to get shut down by the vice squad. Saying that was an experience, Bruno noted that they went for full service but the guys had no timing. Saying that Jenna gets the MVP, Carrie Ann said that it was magical for her doing what she did with what she had. Not often speechless, Len said that it was hard to put into words what he was thinking; adding that what they did was terrific. The trio scored 15 points for their dance.

Alexis and Alan were joined by Maddie Ziegler for a Tango that gave Tom goosebumps. Carrie Ann said that the dance was very strong but felt more like three solos instead of the three becoming one. Len said that the dance had a good mix of Tango content and beautiful attack but told Alexis to watch her hold. Saying that the dance had elegance and sophistication, Bruno called Alan a guy who empowered his girls. The trio scored 25 points for their dance.

In the last dance of the night, Bobby Bones and Sharna were paired up with season 25 runner up and violinist Lindsey Stirling for a Cha Cha to MC Hamer’s “Can’t Touch This”. The routine included Bobby dancing on the judge’s table. Tom noted that the dance was action packed. Len said that Bobby nailed the Hammer part but not so much with the Cha Cha part. Calling Bobby always fun, Bruno said that Bobby took a sledgehammer to the Cha Cha. Saying that the world is a better place because Bobby is in it, Carrie Ann said that Bobby didn’t miss a step but he has no technique. The trio scored 20 points for their dance.

Trio Week scores:
Joe, Jenna, and Jordan – 15
Bobby, Sharna, and Lindsey – 20
John, Emma, and Joey – 21
DeMarcus, Lindsay, and Rashaad – 22
Juan Pablo, Cheryl, and Melissa – 24
Evanna, Keo, and Scarlett – 24
Alexis, Alan, and Maddie – 25
Tinashe, Brandon, and Amy – 26
Mary Lou, Sasha, and Nastia – 26
Milo, Witney, and Riker – 29

In this week’s results, Tinashe and Brandon and Evanna and Keo were the two couples in jeopardy of being eliminated.

After being in jeopardy two weeks in a row, Tom named Tinashe and Brandon as the couple going home this week.

Next week DWTS and DWTS: Juniors returns for a two night Disney event.