It’s night six of the blind auditions on “The Voice”. Adam and Kelly have nine artists each on their teams; while Blake and Jennifer have 10 artists on their teams, leaving only 10 spots for artists to make it on this season of “The Voice”.

First up is North Carolina native Caeland Gardner who is a dobro player and a friend of “The Voice” alum Red Marlow – who is at the audition. Caeland chose the song “Dancng in the Moonlight” for his audition and got Jennifer and Blake to turn their chairs. Blake said that he wants to buy Caeland’s version of the song for his lake playlist. Saying that Caeland’s voice is unique and sounds like it comes from a different place, Blake said that is a fan and is mesmerized by Caeland’s sound. Also saying that she is a fan, Jennifer said that it was about the love of a beautiful instrument. Thanking all of the coaches, Caeland said that he was going to have to pick Blake to be his coach.

Madison Cain grew up in a very musical household; she is the daughter of Jonathan Cain – the keyboard player for Journey and songwriter of some of their biggest hits. Madison said that she loves all of the coaches but really wants to work with Kelly. While Kelly was singing along with the song, none of the coaches turned their chairs for Madison. Kelly liked the song choice but felt that Madison was too perfect and needed to be more reckless with the song. Noting that Madison has some incredible range, Blake said that she needs some anger issues. But all is not lost for Madison, Kelsea Ballerini chose Madison to fill her final spot for The Comeback Stage.

Fifteen year old Lela hails from a Colombian family and chose to sing “Havana” in English and Spanish for her audition. Kelly didn’t waste much time before turning her chair; followed by Jennifer later in the song. Jennifer noted that Lela has some moves. Saying that she is excited Lela is on the show, Kelly loved the bilingual singing and said that if Lela chooses her she will push for more of it. Adam noted that his team is getting full and he is being crazy picky. Blake said that Lela has an incredible voice. Lela chose Jennifer to be her coach.

Former Air Force Security Force officer Cody Ray Raymond, began playing the guitar to while away the time while stationed at the North Pole. He referred to the coaches as icons of hope. Singing “Born Under a Bad Sign”, Cody got Kelly and Jennifer to push their buttons near the end of the song. Calling Cody’s runs crazy, Kelly said that he made it sound effortless. Calling Cody soulful, Jennifer said that Cody has a melody in his voice. Cody chose Kelly to be his coach.

Jake Wells has spent most of his life performing Gospel music across the country with his family. Jake had to wait until the very end of the song before Adam pushed his button. Adam said that he turned around for one reason, because the, “dude is different.” Jennifer said that there were many layers to Jake’s voice. Saying that Jake has a cool voice, Blake said that he regretted not turning his chair.

Character actress Abby Cates said that Kelly would be her number one choice as a coach; and she got her wish when Kelly pushed her button early. Kelly said that Abby has an incredibly full tone.

In the final audition of the night, Nigerian born Fonsho moved to the United States when he was seven years old. Adam led the way with Jennifer and Kelly following with their chair turns. Kelly was up dancing during the audition. Adam said that the higher part of Fonsho’s voice shows that he has it all and is complete. Adam noted that the range of songs that Fonsho could do is going to be massive; adding Fonsho’s voice is one of the best he has heard in the auditions. Calling Fonsho amazing, Kelly said that he has the ability to make a well known song his own. Jennifer called Fonsho a great vocalist who was riding every note. Saying that it is a tough decision because he loves all three of them, Fonsho chose Adam to be his coach.

The blind auditions conclude next week where each coach has only one spot remaining on their teams.

Team Adam:
Tyke James
DeAndre Nico
Steve Memmolo
Anthony Arva
Reagan Strange
Natalie Brady
Jarred Matthew
Jake Wells

Team Blake:
Kameron Marlowe
Mercedes Ferreira Dias
Keith Paluso
Michael Lee
Dave Fenley
Rachel Messer
Chris Kroeze
Joey Green
Kayley Hill
Kirk Jay
Caeland Gardner

Team Jennifer:
Tyshawn Colquitt
Patrick Fortson
Kennedy Holmes
Franc West
Audri Barthalomew
Natasha Greycloud
McKenzie Thomas
Mike Parker
Colton Smith

Team Kelly:
Sarah Grace
Mikele Buck
Claire DeJean
Chevel Shepherd
Delaney Silvernell
Kimberli Joye

Erika Zade
Cody Ray Raymond
Abby Cates