It’s the debut of a new competition dancing series with “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” when the your set show off their Ballroom dancing skills.

Twelve young celebrities are paired with Junior Pro dancers. Each couple will be mentored by one of the DWTS Pro dancers.

By the end of the night two couples will be eliminated from the competition.

DWTS alums Jordan Fisher and Frankie Muniz are hosts for the event.

DWTS champion Valentin Chmerkivskiy, Emmy Award winning choreographer Mandy Moore, and Olympic ice skater and DWTS Athletes champion Adam Rippon will be judging the dances this season.

The judges scores will determine half of the scores and the audience will determine the other half of the scores.

Jason Maybaum and Elliana are being mentored by Emma Slater. The duo get the series and the show started off with a Cha Cha. Calling it so good, Jordan siad that it was an amazing way to start the season. Noting that Jason had a lot riding on his shoulders by coming out first, Mandy loved the dance; adding that Jason had good rhythm and confidence. Mandy said that it was an amazing way to start the show. Saying that Jason had so much charisma and showmanship, Val said that he had to pick on the technique because he wanted Jason to get better. Val also said that it was an awesome way to start off. Saying that he really needed that, Adam called the performance really good and amazing; adding that he loved it. Jason and Elianna scored 18 points for their dance.

Tripp Palin and Hayley danced a Foxtrot as mom and grandma looked on. The two were mentored by Hayley’s aunt Jenna. Noting that it takes a lot of courage to dance, Val called it an awesome Foxtrot; adding that Trip is a lot better than he thinks he is. Adam said that Tripp did such a great job. Telling Jenna that she did such a great job, Mandy loved the dance; adding that they told a beautiful story. Tripp and Hayley scored 17 points for their dance.

Keo mentors Addison Osta Smith and Lev in a Cha Cha. Lev appeared in one of Justin Timberlake’s music videos. Before rehearsals started, Addison did a little cooking for Lev and Keo. Jordan said that they did some beautiful work; adding that Addison is cooking now. While Adam noted that he could see Addison counting the moves out, he said that she did a great job. Mandy said that they had incredible sass and were amazing at working it but Addison need to work on her partnering skills and match Lev with the moves. Agreeing with Mandy, Val also wanted to see better technique but noted that the charisma was there. Addison and Lev scored 15 points for their dance.

Lindsay Arnold mentors little sister Rylee and her partner actor Miles Brown on their Salsa to “Who Let the Dogs Out”. Saying Holy Moly, Mandy called it an incredible Salsa; adding that they exploded with energy and had some great content. Calling Miles a superstar, Val said that Miles is an incredible talent and dancer; adding that he needs to capture the essence of the genre a bit more, Adam said that it was awesome how they came out with all that energy. Miles and Rylee earned the highest score of the night so far with 22 points.

Model Sophia Pippen and Jake were mentored by Sasha for their Jive. Calling them a great team, Val said that the dance was so clean and had so much content; adding that Jake made Sophia comfortable. Noting that Sophia came alive, Adam was impressed; adding that they were clean, sharp, and nailed the dance. Sophia and Jake scored 21 points for their dance.

Daytime drama actor Hudson West and Kameron are being mentored by Hayley and performed a Cha Cha. Jordan noted that there was so much talent on the dance floor. Adam was impressed that Hudson can act and dance. Noting that there was so much partnering in the dance, Adam said that he can’t wait to see where the partnership goes. Saying that she didn’t expect that from Hudson, Mandy said that they were really good. Calling Hudson a leading man, Val said that Hudson did a wonderful job of presenting his lady; adding that the content was there but he needs to work on his timing. Hudson and Kameron scored 22 points for their dance.

Ariana Greenblatt and Artiyon are being mentored by DWTS newest pro Brandon. The duo danced a Cha Cha to rousing cheers from the audience and had Jordon calling the performance awesome and amazing. Calling Ariana a little ray of sunshine, Mandy said that the dance had some awesome content but told the duo to work on their technique. Disagreeing with Mandy on the technique, Val noted that there was so much energy; adding that Ariana is small in size but dances so big. Val told the duo to work on their chemistry. Saying that the performance was awesome Adam called Ariana so cute. Earning the highest score so far, Ariana and Artiyon scored 24 points for their dance.

Gleb mentored singer Mackenzie Ziegler and Sage Rosen for a Foxtrot to “New York, New York”. Calling it a beautiful Foxtrot, Jordan noted that is how it’s done. While he thought it was an incredible performance, Val said that the dance got away from the Foxtrot. Adam noted that they were gliding across the floor but need to dance into the floor. Noting that Mackenzie is used to dancing Jazz and Contemporary, Mandy suggested she work on training her muscles to new moves. Mackenzie and Sage scored 22 points for their dance.

Better known as Honey Boo Boo, Alana Thompson is partnered with Tristan. Artem mentored the duo for their performance of a Salsa to “Conga” by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Jordan said that the duo did a great job. Saying that Alana performed to the room, Adam noted that Alana stayed right in character. Saying that Alana stayed on the beat, Mandy called the performance incredible. Saying that Alana owned the room, Val noted that the most beautiful thing was Alana’s confidence; but added she needs to work on her partnering and technique. Alana and Tristan scored 19 points for their dance.

Fashion designer and son of music legend Stevie Wonder, Mandla Morris joins up with Brightyn for a Jive. Mentor Cheryl admitted that she is very nervous. Jordon called the performance amazing and incredible a the audience gave some rousing applause and cheers. Saying that Mandla looked like a professional, Mandy said that the dance had some amazing content; adding that Mandla kept up with Brightyn 100%. Saying that Mandla came alive, Val said that it was a pleasure to see Mandla embrace the dance; adding that the dance was awesome, incredible, and the performance of the night. Calling the performance unbelievable, Adam also called it the performance of the night. Mandla has never danced before. The duo tied for the highest score of the night with 24 points.

Nine year old spelling bee champion Akash Vukoti was paired up with Kamri on team Witney for a Foxtrot to “L O V E”. Calling the performance really emotional, Val said that it was a gentleman seeing Akash be the gentleman; adding that he can’t wait to see more from the duo. Val noted that Akash embodied the spirit of the dance. Saying that Akash performed from his heart and that’s what dance is all about, Adam called Akash so cute and charming. Noting that it is hard to control the body for the Foxtrot, Mandy said that Akash did an awesome job. Akash and Kamri scored 21 points for their dance.

In the final performance of the night, professional skateboarder Sky Branch and JT Church performed a Salsa that opened with a skateboard move. Adam called Sky ia fierce competitor; adding that she attacked the choreography. Adam said that the dance was clean, sharp, and fun; adding ti was the way to close the show. Mandy said that they nailed the Salsa. Saying that the sky’s the limit, Val noted that Sky had great hip action; adding that there was a lot of maturity and content in the dance. Sky and JT have Alan Bersten as a mentor. They scored 22 points for their dance.

Premiere week scores:
Addison and Lev – 15
Tripp and Hayley – 17
Jason and Elianna – 18
Alana and Tristan – 19
Sophia and Jake – 21
Akash and Kamri – 21
Miles and Rylee – 22
Hudson and Kameron – 22
Mackenzie and Sage – 22
Sky and JT – 22
Ariana and Artiyon – 24
Mandla and Brightyn – 24

After the audience vote, all of the scores and votes were combined to determine which two couples would be going home. Before making the announcement, Jordon said that they all did an amazing job. Also earning the lowest scores of the night, Addison and Lev and Tripp and Hayley have been eliminated from the competition.

Next week the remaining 10 couples will return for more dancing.