It’s the World Finals on “World of Dance” with only four acts remaining to compete for the million dollar prize. This week there are no more divisions, only division champions who will go head to head for the title.

This week each of the finalists will perform twice – a song chosen by their judge mentor and a song they have chosen themselves.

Kicking off the finals is the duo Charity and Andres. Last week Charity performed with a broken toe. This duo is the only act to have earned a perfect scored on “World of Dance”. This week, Derek is their mentor. Derek chose the song “Ain’t No Sunshine” for their first dance. Derek said that they did a great job with brilliant partner work; adding that they were incredible dancers with stunning silhouettes. Ne-Yo called the duo strong with near perfection every time they took the stage. Jennifer said that they compliment each other beautifully; adding that they have been a standout couple this season. Charity and Andres scored 94.3 points for their first dance.

Next up were S-Rank with Jennifer’s song choice – “Headband”. Calling it one of the best routines of the year, Jennifer noted that the room was charged with so much energy. Calling them wonderful as a unit, Derek loved the concept; adding that the performance was incredible and intense. Saying that it was a million dollar performance, Ne-Yo said that the dance was a reminder of why they had made it this far. S-Rand scored 93 points for their first dance.

Australian dancer Michael Dameski is the only solo act in the finals. Jenna chose the Ed Sheeran song “Dive” for his first performance and gave Jennifer goosebumps. Jennifer noted that Michael’s letter prop was like having another person on the dance floor. Saying that Michael did a fantastic job and never makes a mistake, Ne-Yo said that Michael has a perfect blend of grace and strength. Derek called the performance stunning impactful, and impressive. Michael scored 95.7 points for his dance.

Finishing out round one Ne-Yo chose the Missy Elliott song “Work” for The Lab. Calling them entertaining and fun to watch, Ne-Yo said that the group’s performance went beyond what he expected. Derek noted that it was great the way the team utilized team members strengths in their creations. Saying that it was a beautiful thing to watch, Jennifer said that they had some of the cleanest formations of the year. The Lab scored 97 points for their dance to take the lead in round one.

Round one scores:
S-Rank – 93
Charity and Andres – 94.3
Michael Dameski – 95.7
The Lab – 97

Taking a break from the competition, season one finalists Kinjaz and Keoni and Mari joined up for a special performance that included a surprise…judge Derek Hough was also a part of the dance.

S-Rank got round two started off with a biker themed dance that brought the judges to their feet. Calling it a great performance, Jennifer noted that there was a lot of emotion going on on the stage. Derek noted that it was a classic S-Rank signature performance that was well done and a strong finish to their season. Ne-Yo noted that every time the group takes the stage, they remind him why they deserved to be there. S-Rank scored 94 points for their final dance.

Charity and Andres also brought the judges to their feet with their performance. Calling them beautiful technicians and artists, Derek said that Charity and Andres execute every time. Noting that Charity threw Andres across the stage, Ne-Yo called it a stellar performance; adding that they are what “World of Dance” is all about. Saying that the dance began a little slow for her, Jennifer said that their partnership is their strength. Charity and Andres also scored 94.3 points for their second dance for a total of 94.3 points. Their score eliminates S-Rank from the finals.

Season one champions Les Twins return to the “World of Dance” stage to have a little fun on the dance floor.

Michael Dameski returns to the stage for his second dance. Ne-Yo noted that Michael put on an amazing display; adding that every move was filled with energy and intent. Ne-Yo added that Michael has greatness in him and showed it every time he took the stage. Jennifer said that she loved watching Michael push himself; adding she felt it was a privilege to watch him perform. Jennifer said that Michael gave a strong performance and did all that he could do on the show. Calling Michael a phenomenal dancer, Derek thanked Michael for blessing them with his performances. Noting that Michael covered the entire stage, Derek said that everybody is going to know Michael after this. Michael scored 96.3 points for his dance and a total of 96 points for his combined score.

In the final dance of the night, The Lab chose to take a bit of a risk with their dance to “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer and brought the judges to their feet. An emotional Jennifer noted that the group was going to change the world; adding that that is what artists and dancers do. Saying that it wasn’t what he expected, Derek is hopeful for the future. Saying that he was entertained and inspired, Ne-Yo noted that he wished his children could have seen the dance. The Lab scored 98 points for their dance…including a perfect 100 from Ne-Yo. With a combined score of 97.5, The Lab are the season two champion on “World of Dance”.

Round two scores:
S-Rank – 94
Charity and Andres -94.3
Michael Dameski – 96.3
The Lab – 98

Total scores:
S-Rank – 93.5
Charity and Andres – 94.3
Michael Dameski – 96
The Lab – 97.5