Another season of “So You Think You Can Dance” comes to an end with the season 15 Grand Finale.

The night of dance begins with a return of the top 10 for a group performance to “Top of the World” choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Host Cat Deely revealed that Mandy Moore won an Emmy Award for her work on “So You Think You Can Dance” at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

This week the judges choose some of their favourite dances over the season. Vanessa gets things started with the Tahitian dance from Jensen and Jay Jay.

The final four also get to reprise a favourite dance. Genessey chose her Contemporary performance with season 14 winner Lex to “Be Brave”.

Mary chose what she called the sexiest Cha Cha ever on the show with Cole and Hannahlei’s Cha Cha to “Sing it Back”.

Last man standing, Slavik chose to reprise his dance with his firt top 10 dance with Genessey choreographed by Luther Brown.

Nigel introduces a special performance by tap dancers Evan and Lex in the vein of the Nicholas Brothers to “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If it Ain’t Got that Swing)” and brought the house to their feet.

Jensen chose her dance with Jay Jay in the kitchen. Jensen pulls an Emmy Award out of the oven at the end of the dance.

During Academy week choreographed a routine for all 33 of the remaining dancers that included all of their dance styles. The performance brought the judges to their feet.

Twitch said that this year Mandy Moore did a special form of cool and wanted to see her dance by Magda and Darius to “Fever” by Peggy Lee.

Calling SYTYCD her favourite show, Hannahlei chose her dance with Marco.

Twitch chose a second dance, noting that Ray Leeper made a mundane task look like fun from Genessey and Slavik with the “House Work” routine.

Next up the final three girls perform “Bump” by Luther Brown, but this time all five of the top 10 girls perform the dance.

The global pop group Now United give a performance.

Vanessa chose the Heels routine by Jensen and Hannahlei as one of her favourite dances.

Now it’s the guys turn to reprise their dance with the top four guys and “Juice”. The top four became the top six when Twitch and Nigel joined the guys in the routine.

Mary chose Magda and Darius’ first performance together on week one with the Travis Wall routine.

Nigel chose the Mandy Moore Jazz routine from All Star Lauren and Jay Jay to “Runaway Baby”.

In the first results of the night…

…Slavik is the fourth place dancer.

In another group performance, the dancers perform “Yummy” choreographed by Luther Brown.

In the final dance of the night, Nigel chose the Travis Wall piece “It Takes a Lot to Be a Man” with Darius and Taylor in the social message piece about acceptance and society. The performance again brought the house to their feet.

In the next results…

…Cat Deely revealed that the third place dancer is Genessey.

It’s down to Jensen and Hannahlei.

Revealing that it was the closest vote for the top two dancers in the history of the show; in the final results of the season,Cat announced that Hannahlei is the season 15 winner!