It’s down to the final 12 – three from each of the four divisions – on “World of Dance” but only four of them will move on to the finals and the chance for the $1 million prize.

This week prima ballerina Misty Copeland joins Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo at the judges table and entertainer Ciara comes to the show as a guest mentor for the dancers.

The dancers will not learn their scores until all three of the acts have performed.

The injury bug affected a number of the acts this week and threatened performances.

The Upper Division gets the night of dance started off and Karen y Ricardo will be the first dancers on the stage. Jennifer Lopez mentors the Upper Division this week. With a routine filled with spins, Karen y Ricardo brought Derek and Ne-Yo to their feet. Jennifer noted that the duo is always competition ready and gave another stellar performance; adding that it was an amazing choice to start the dance off with the spins. Derek was a little worried over seeing the same things over again, but added that he never gets tired of seeing quality dancing. An impressed Misty noted that every part of them was ready and present to perform. Saying that they did a great job, Ne-Yo said that the dance was amazing from start to finish.

Up next were Ashley & Zack who danced with a prop – a long piece of cloth. Ne-Yo said that he dug the prop but felt like there was a lot of movement and they didn’t give the song a chance to breathe. While Misty agreed with Ne-Yo on the movement, she wanted to see more of them. Disagreeing, Derek liked the contrast and all the movement. Jennifer said that it was a strong performance with commitment from beginning to end.

Finishing off the round was the only solo dancer in the division, Australian Michael Dameski who brought the judges to their feet with his ninja warrior themed dance. Derek called the dance solid and artistic; adding that the choice of the ninja warrior character was perfect. Ne-Yo noted that Michael came out and partnered with his own self and gave them perfection. Misty said that Michael has it all. Jennifer noted that it was the little things Michael did that took the dance over the top.

In the first results of the night
Karen y Ricardo scored 95.3 points
Ashley & Zack scored 86.8 points

Michael Dameski scored 97.8 points

Michael wins the round and is the first dancer in the World Finals.

Next up was the Junior Team Division with Derek serving as mentor.

First on the dance floor was The Lab with a school themed routine that brought the judges to their feet and had Ne-Yo running up on stage and jumping up and down. Calling the group smart, Derek said that they were competitive, creative, and out of this world. Jennifer called the group professional who gave an exceptional performance; adding that she loved every minute of it. Misty noted that the group was incredible last season, but their performance was on another level. Ne-Yo told them that if they keep doing what they did, they will be the champs.

The Rock Company gave a performance that Jennifer said was typical Rock Company and really beautifully executed. Calling them fantastic dancers, Derek said that the routine was so effective and gorgeous. Ne-Yo noted that he saw some new moves. Misty noted that they were performing moves that they should not be able to do at their age.

Finishing out the round was the Japanese group Fabulous Sisters. During their mentoring session, Ciara spoke to the girls in Japanese. An excited Ne-Yo noted that the pictures the girls paint with their moves look so big. Telling them that it isn’t just about the winning but how you play the game, Jennifer called the girls fierce competitors and phenomenal dancers. Misty called the routine feminine and strong; adding that it is about the details. Derek said that the routine was fantastic and well done.

In the next results…
Fabulous Sisters scored 92 points
The Rock Company scored 91,5 points
The Lab scored 99.8 points

The Lab moves on to the World Finals.

Next up was the Upper Team Division with Ne-Yo as mentor. The Ruggeds are the first team on the dance floor with one dancer unable to do little more than stand in with his team mates after landing badly after a flip and tearing his ACL. Derek noted that having the injured guy on stage with them showed their heart. Ne-Yo said that the partner work was ridiculous; adding that they did a fantastic job. Saying that the routine was so thought out, Misty said that they did a wonderful job. Jennifer called the routine beautiful and creative.

With a dance theme that was out of this world, S-Rank took the stage and had Ne-Yo jumping up and down. Saying that she loved the dance, Misty said that the group had her feeling everything. Jennifer said that she felt the performance. Admitting that he is a huge fan, Derek noted that the group’s musicality is top level. Ne-Yo said that they did a great job.

Last up was Poreotics with a routine that had Derek ceiling them fantastic dancers and very cool. While entertaining, Ne-Yo was waiting for the wow moment. Misty said that she felt as if she didn’t fully see what the group was capable of . While very funny and adorable, Jennifer was looking for that formidable Poreotics routine.

In the next results…
Poeotics scored 86.8 points
S-Rank scored 94 points
The Ruggeds scored 91.5 points

S-Rank moves on to the World Finals.


The final division of the night was the Juniors with Jenna as their mentor.

Charity and Andres also had to dance through an injury when Charity broke a toe after a fall. After learning about the injury, Ne-Yo said that that makes what happened (in the dance) even better. Misty noted that women are the strongest beings on the planet; adding that the fact Charity performed with a broken toe speaks to her strength. Calling the dance amazing, Jennifer said it was a stellar routine.

The only solo dancer in the division Jaxon Willard came next.Jenna noted that Jaxon has the ability to fly on stage but during rehearsals on performance day, he was having difficulty breathing. Jaxon noted that he has athletic induced asthma but refused to back down. Ne-Yo simply wanted to know what the dance was about – a search for self – which Ne-Yo though was a great answer. Jennifer loved that Jaxon is still searching. Calling Jaxon a phenomenal dancer, Derek wanted more.

The final performance of the night was from Sean & Kaycee whose dance included a segment of dancing in the rain. Calling Sean a savage, Jennifer liked that they added the water element; adding that it was a really strong routine. Ne-Yo called it one of their best performances. Saying that they blew her away, Misty noted that the duo compliment each other; adding that the dance was sexy and grounded.

In the final results of the night…
Charity & Andres scored 93 points
Jaxon Willard scored 87.8 points
Sean & Kaycee scored 92.3 points

Charity and Andres complete the four acts to compete in the World Finals next week.