Actress Vanessa Marquez died August 30 as a esult of a gunshot wound. Marquez was reportedly pointing a replica gun when police shot her outside of her South Pasadena apartment.

Marquez’ landlord called 911 to request medical assistance for Marquez who was having a seizure. After receiving medical assistance, Marquez reportedly became uncooperative and at some point produced a BB gun that police assumed was a real gun and took action, shooting Marquez.

Over recent years Marquez has been very vocal via social media about her myriad of health issues including being terminally ill, seizures and the autoimmune disorder celiac disease.

She was born Vanessa Rosalia Marquez on December 21, 1968 in Los Angeles, California.

Appearing in nearly two dozen productions, Marque made her screen debut in 1988 as Ana Delgado in the film “Stand and Deliver”. Her other roles include the made for TV movie “To My Daughter”, two episodes of “Wiseguy”, an episode of “Seinfeld”, “Blood In, Blood Out”, the made for TV movie “State of Emergency”, an episode of “Melrose Place”, 27 episodes of “ER”, as Janice Ramos in three episodes of “Malcolm & Eddie”, and the TV movie “Fire & Ice”.

Marquez appeared as herself in an episode of the reality series “Intervention” where she claimed to have a shopping addiction, depression, and had an Obsessive Cumpulsive Disorder – OCD.


feature photo taken fro the Marquez’ Facebook page.