It’s the final night of competition on “So You Think You Can Dance”. Only four dancers remain – Jensen, Genessey, Hannahlei, and Slavik.

The final four will be very busy with each dancer performing with all of the others, a dance with an All Star, and one final solo.

This week there will be no eliminations, the votes will be added to last week’s votes to determine the winner.

Genessey and Slavik get the night of dancing started with a Luther Brown Hip-Hop routine. Twitch called it a perfect way to open the top four; adding that he loved everything about the dance. Saying that they were back on track, Mary noted that it was wonderful to see the duo. Saying that Luther always brings out a great flavour in the dances, Nigel called it a terrific performance. Vanessa said that they brought it; adding that it was a strong routine.

Jensen and Hannahlei perform a Heels routine to the music of Todrick Hall and RuPaul. A Heels routine combines Jazz, Contemporary, and Burlesque moves into a unique dance form that is performed wearing heels. Noting that she saw something that she has never seen before, Vanessa said that the routine was so fierce and on fire; adding that the girls totally embodied the piece and did a great job. Twitch said that he couldn’t help but feel good after the dance; adding that it was n incredible routine. Mary loved everything about the routine; adding that the girls were really awesome and attacked the dance amazingly. Nigel noted that the girls have done whatever has been asked of them this season.

Genessey performed her solo.

Genessey paired up with All Star Robert for a Samba that brought the judges to their feet. Host Cat Deely noted that Genessey has come a long way this season. Calling it such a great routine, Mary said that Genessey captured the Samba; adding what a way to step it up tonight. Nigel called the routine vivacious and exciting with controlled freedom; adding that there is a fire in Genessey’s eyes that reminds him of Jennifer Lopez. Noting that Genessey is not playing around, Vanessa said that Genessey has found herself, was fierce and confident. Finding it difficult to talk due to a bad case of laryngitis, Twitch said that Genessey was in her world right there.

Slavik joined up with season eight winner Melanie for at Travis Wall Contemporary routine. Nigel noted that win or lose, Slavik deserved to be there; adding that it was a beautiful routine. Noting that Travis did not challenge technically in the piece but rather emotionally, Nigel said that Slavik came through with flying colours. Vanessa called the performance honest and raw. Twitch said that he believed every moment in the dance. Saying that he makes them feel something, Mary said that tonight Slavik has hit a chord with America.

Jensen performed her solo.

Hannahei and Slavik paired up for an African dance routine. Normally dancers use an eight count set tempo, but choreographer Sean Cheeseman noted in this dance there are no counts…you have to feel it. After congratulating Sean for being so unique and creative, Nigel said that Slavik did really well and Hannahlei was so strong. Saying that he was sorry it was their first together, Vanessa called the performance incredible. Twitch noted that the team work between the two dancers was a dream. Mary said that the routine was well done.

Genessey and Jensen paired up for a Travis Wall Broadway routine that explored the desires of the understudy to be the star in a performance to “Maybe This Time” by Liza Minnelli that brought the judges to their feet. Vanessa congratulated Travis on the routine; saying that the contrast of the two characters was brilliant. Twitch said that it was incredible to see tow leading ladies controlling the stage. Agreeing with his fellow judges, Nigel said that using the point of view of the understudy in the routine was genius; adding that he thought they danced it the way Travis wanted it to be danced.

Slavik performs his solo.

Hannahlei pairs up with season 10 winner Fik-Shun for a little fun on moving day in a routine that include many boxes. Cat said that Hannahei was all packed up and ready to go. Calling the routine crazy, Twitch said that he would move tomorrow it moving was like that. It was Hannahlei’s first time performing Hip-Hop on the live shows and Twitch said that she did an incredible job. Mary said that whenever Fik-Shun takes the stage she can never take her eyes off of hi…until tonight. Mary said that Hannahlei made it look easy and has been amazing all season. Nigel noted that he didn’t think there ws anything Hannahei couldn’t do; adding that she does it brilliantly. Saying that she has been a fan all season, Vanessa said that Hannahlei does it

Jensen and All Star Robert joined up for a Mandy Moore Contemporary routine to “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” that required Jensen to be very vulnerable and brought the judges to their feet. Cat called the performance one glorious moment. Saying that she fell in love with the piece, Mary wants to see the dance over and over again. Noting that being vulnerable is a strength, Mary called the performance amazing. Saying that the routine was beautifully danced, Nigel said that he couldn’t help but fall in love with the way Jensen danced the routine. Vanessa noted that being vulnerable was a great strength to have. Saying that she is having a wonderful night, Twitch noted that Jensen’s previous rejections had prepared her for going all the way.

Hannahlei performed her solo.

Room mates Genessey and Hannahei performed a Contemporary routine that brought the judges to their feet. Cat called them powerful and brilliant ladies. Calling it a brilliant routine, Nigel noted that he has never seen anybody so tight, comparing them to synchronized dancers without the water. Agreeing with Nigel, Vanessa said that it has been such a joy to watch the two of them dance this season. Twitch noted that their warrior spirit came out in the dance. Mary loved the stylization of the piece.

The final dance of the night was a Cha Cha from Jensen and Slavik. Cat noted that they had finally gotten Slavik in a pair of heels and wearing a sparkly shirt. Mary noted that Slavik had been brilliant all night but Latin dancing was his kryptonite; adding that she loved that he went for it. Mary said that Jensen brought Slavik up; adding that Jensen looked amazing. Nigel noted that Slavik threw himself into the dance; adding that Jensen looked like a star. Vanessa said that she has been inspired watching Slavik’s journey this season; adding that Jensen has been a star all season. Twitch thanked Jensen for being an anchor for Slavik and for doing an incredible job; he thanked Slavik for his commitment.

Next week the top 10 returns as they reprise some of the most memorable dances of the season and crown a new SYTYCD winner.