It’s part two of The Cut on “World of Dance” where the final two divisions will be paired down to just three acts each.

Again this week the judges will mentor the divisions; along with a special guest mentor.

Up first is the Upper Team division with mentor Jenna Dewon and Paula Abdul.

The Indian Hip-Hop group Desi Hoppers take the stage first with a routine that got lots of wows fro Derek. Jennifer loved watching the guys perform; noting that the combine traditional moves with the modern to form their own specif identity. Derek said that they create shapes and pictures with their moves, are really amazing, and have impactful endings. Ne-Yo loved how they represented their culture; adding that synchronicity and personality were on a new level. Ne-Yo said that no matter what happens, people are going to remember The Desi Hoppers. The group scored 90.7 points for their dance.

Embodiment took the dance floor with a routine that Derek called beautiful and powerful. Derek noted that the guys filled the spaces in the music with their own rhythms. Ne-Yo called it a great performance with elegance and masculinity. While Jennifer felt that the guys danced amazingly, she felt that the story needed time to breathe. Emdobiment scored 91 points for their dance.

In a couple of clips, the Lock ‘N Lol Crew scored 86.7 points and The Bradas scored 89 points for their performances. Lock ‘N Lol were eliminated from the competition.

The Hip-Hop group Connection gave a performance that Jennifer called amazing, riveting, and the best they had ever done. Derek said that the group’s name suited them perfectly; adding that they danced as one. Saying that he under estimated the group, Ne-Yo said that the group shocked him; adding that they were amazing and the cleanest he had ever seen them. Connection scored 91.3 points for their dance. The Bradas have been eliminated.

In the duel performance, Derek felt that Poreotics was a bit slow in getting the routine going and compared it to a jelly doughnut. For this performance, the group started the dance with the words, “no more jelly doughnuts.” The performance brought a standing ovation. Calling the dance hilarious, Derek said that they hit it out of the gate; adding that it was so good and creative. Derek said that the dance made him happy. Calling the dance nearly perfect, humourous, and entertaining from start to finish; Ne-Yo called the dance alien like clean and in sync. Jennifer called the dance so creative, innovative, and fun; adding that it was one of the best dances the group has ever done. Poreotics scored 91.7 points for their dance and eliminated The Desi Hoppers.

The Ruggeds gave a performance that Derek said he would never forget; adding that it was unbelievable and beautiful. Derek told the group that that was the way to pull through when it counted. Ne-Yo said that everybody was amazing with smart choreography; addong that they played to their strengths. Jennifer said that for her it was their first full and complete routine; adding that she was holding her breath at times in the dance. Jennifer said that they pushed the envelope and it paid off. The Ruggeds scored 92.7 points for their dance and eliminated Embodiment.

The final group in the division was S-Rank with a dance that Jennifer called a great routine; adding that everybody was amazing in the group. Calling it an awesome routine, Derek said that they put on a musicality clinic. Calling them the cleanest team in the competition, Ne-Yo said that it looked like one person was up there. S-Rank scored 92.3 points for their dance and eliminated the Connection.

The final three groups in the Upper Team Division are Poreotics, S-Rank, and The Ruggeds.

Ne-Yo and Spice Girl Mel B mentored the Junior Division.

Up first were Josh and Taylor with what Jennifer called a great little routine; noting that they put a modern spin on an old style of dance…a first on the show. Ne-Yo felt that the quality of the dance fell a bit when they were further apart; adding that they did a great job. Derek noted that there were so many cool moments in the dance. Josh and Taylor scored 85.3 points for their dance.

In a clip Flamenco dancer Victoria Caban also scored 85.3 points for her dance.

Jonas and Ruby performed a dance that Derek called so fantastic. Derek noted that the duo always came to play. Noting that the dance was Matrix inspired, Ne-Yo loved the concept…and the dance. Saying that they were perfectly in sync, Jennifer said that they smashed the routine. The duo scored 88.3 points for their dance.

In a clip Madison Brown scored 85,7 for her dance.

Sean and Kaycee performed a dance that brought Derek to his feet and had Jennifer calling it gorgeous. Jennifer said that the performance moved her in a way she couldn’t explain; adding that it was a Cut worthy performance. Speaking on Sean’s choreography, Ne-Yo said that the boy was a genius. Ne-Yo said that their style is their signature and a joy to watch. Derek called them masters of the action/reaction with awareness of each other; adding that the dance was fantastic and beautiful. Sean and Kaycee scored 92 points for their dance and eliminated Victoria and Josh and Taylor from the competition.

Ballet dancers Avery and Marcus danced to “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. Calling the point work beautiful, Derek said that it was a ballet he would love to go and watch. Ne-Yo said that it was a beautiful piece…almost too beautiful for the music. Jennifer felt that the dance was a bit slow in the beginning. Scoring 85.3 points for their dance, Avery and Marcus were eliminated from the competition.

During the Duel round Charity and Andres earned the first perfect score on the show. Saying that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of them, Jennifer called the performance exceptional and awesome. Ne-Yo simply called it amazing. Derek said that he didn’t like the performance…he loved it; adding that it was such a joy and a pleasure to watch. Charity and Andres scored 92.7 points for their dance and eliminated Madison Brown.

In the final dance of the night Jaxon Willard gave a performance that brought Ne-Yo to his feet. During the mentoring session Ne-Yo and Mel B discussed Jaxon’s self esteem issues. Ne-Yo said, “that’s what I’m talking about.” Ne-Yo noted that Jaxon made everything he did look effortless. Ne-Yo came up on stage and gave Jaxon a hug. Calling the dance a beautiful thing to watch, Jennifer noted that Jaxon had a tremendous wealth of emotion yet to come out…and it’s a good thing. Derek believed Jaxon’s movements and intentions; adding that Jaxon is such a beautiful artist and dancer. Derek said that Jaxon just went from a boy to a man. He earned a score of 90.7 points for his dance; eliminating Jonas and Rub…and earning his spot in the final three.

Sean and Kaycee, Charity and Andres, and Jaxon Willard are the three finalists in the Junior round.

Next week the 12 finalist perform.