Only six dancers remain on “So You Think You Can Dance” as the finale is quickly approaching.. This week the All Stars return to perform with the remaining dancers. All of the All Stars made it the top four on their season.

The night of dance opens with a masterful group performance by the remaining dancers with a routine choreographed by Mia Michaels.

This week the dancers will be performing three times – once with an All Star, once with their partner, and in a group.

Jensen gets the night of dance started with a Cha Cha with All Star Kiki. This is Jenna Johnson’s first time choreographing a dance for SYTYCD live show. Mary said that Jensen was on point and had some amazing footwork. Nigel said that she came to them as a really good dancer and is getting better every week. Vanessa said that Jensen shined; adding that it felt like she was telling Kiki what to do. Calling the routine pretty awesome, Twitch said that he didn’t know what else to say.

Genessey was paired with last season’s champion Le for a Contemporary dance that included the wearing of masks. Nigel liked the idea of getting rid of the facade we all have; adding that Genessey has exceeded their expectations and it was beautiful to see. Vanessa called the routine beautiful and great work. Twitch noted that the mask forced her to feel; adding that she should bring that to every dance. Mary said that every time Genessey hits the stage, she has shown her true self…and it was beautiful.

Slavik and Jaja performed a Hip-Hop routine by Comfort that was a throwback to the fifties. Saying that she loved Slavik’s swagger; Vanessa noted that she also thought that the audience loved it. Twitch noted that Slavik was not quite in the moment; adding that if felt like he could see Slavik thinking. Agreeing with her fellow judges, Mary added that Slavik was standing there and that was incredible. Nigel again reminded Slavik to get his shoulders back.

Hannalei and Marko performed a Contemporary routine. Host Cat Deely noted that Hannalei was so in the moment with emotion. Twitch called the routine amazing; noting that there were so many things at work at the same time. He noted that Hannalei is one of the hardest working dancers on the show. Saying that the architecture of the piece was brilliant, Mary said that Hannalei made it look easy. Saying that he forgets how small Hannalei is, Nigel said that when she is on stage, Hannalei doesn’t look small; adding that she has great extensions. Vannesa called the routine flawless; adding that Hannalei is a powerhouse.

Jay Jay and Lauren performed a Mandy Moore Jazz routine to “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars that left the crowd screaming. Cat noted that Jay Jay must have springs in his legs. Mary called the routine out of this world; adding that Jay Jay looked like he was having fun. Calling the routine absolutely brilliantly choreographed, Nigel wanted to see Jay Jay jump over Cat – who is much taller than Lauren. Cat squatted down and Jay Jay jumped over him. Vanessa called the dance so much fun; adding she hasn’t seen a weak moment from Jay Jay this season. Twitch said that he didn’t know what else to say.

Darius and Taylor finished out round one with a Travis Wall Contemporary routine that had Taylor playing the role of society and Darius striving for the identity of self. Darius began the routine in a skirt and ended the dance wearing pants. The dance brought the judges to their feet. Nigel said that he was so proud of Travis for the choreography, so proud of Darius for the dance, and proud of the show for being able to show the incredible choreography. Nigel continued saying it was also incredible to note how brave Darius was to be himself and man should not be judged by what he is but who he is…and Darius is his favourite dancer this season. Vanessa said that it was so beautiful; adding that the way Darius expressed himself is spectacular. Vanessa called Darius a phenomenal dancer. Travis said that the piece transcends the competition; calling the dance a work of art and a masterpiece. Calling the dance memorable, Mary said that it was the most important and powerful piece of the night and one that will always be burnt into her heart. Cat told Travis that the dance was magnificent.

For round two the dancers return to their season long partners.

Jensen and Jay Jay performed the first ever Tahitian dance on the show. Jay Jay noted that he had to take this seriously because it was someone else’s culture. Cat noted that the routine was a real leg workout. Calling it such an incredible dance form, Vanessa said that the dance was amazing and she loved it. Dancing in his chair during the performance, Twitch noted that when the duo got together as a couple, the energy was crazy. Saying that they set the stage on fire, Mary called the routine sharp and powerful; adding that it was well done. Nigel noted that only the choreographer knew whether they got everything right, but hips don’t lie.

Genessey and Slavik pair up for a sexy Salsa that included lots of tricks. Twitch noted that the steps were there, but Slavik was still in his head. Saying that it was mind blowing how Slavik could catch on to the dance moves, but the style and technique was lacking.She said that Genessey was on fire on stage. Nigel said that choreographer Jonathan did a good job of letting Genesseey do most of the work; but felt that this week exposed Slavik a bit. Agreeing with her fellow judges, Vanessa was happy to see the pair on stage together.

After the elimination of last week’s dancers, Hannalei and Darius formed a new couple this week – Daralei. The duo performed an Argentine Tango that brought the judges to their feet. Calling the dance amazing, Mary said that they had her at the first leg kick. Nigel said that it was great to see them come together for the sexy and sensual dance; adding that it was wonderful from the pair of them. Saying, “let’s just say I am on them Daralei,” Vanessa called them absolute fire with an amazing dance; adding that the passion was tangible. Twitch noted that was what happens when two powerhouses come together and it was awesome.

In the first results of the night, Cat notes that it was the biggest vote of the season. Announcing the names in no particular order, Cat name Jensen as the first dancer in the final four.

The three guys give a group performance of a Christopher Scott routine. Saying that he loves Chris Scott’s work, Nigel called the routine original and unique; adding that the routine demanded the guys be tight and solid, but it was not in places; but he was pleased with the outcome. Saying that she loves the group routines, Vanessa noted that while they were all doing the same thing, the guys brought themselves to the dance. Twitch said that they did awesome work and it was what the piece needed. Mary said that each of the guys wer very strong in the piece.

In the next results, Cat named Slavik as the second dancer moving on to the final four.

The top three girls perform a Luther Brown routine that brought the judges to their feet. Cat said that the ladies were super cool and wants to be in their gang so bad. Vanessa said that every time Luther does a routine he brings down the house. Calling the dance incredible, Twitch said that if that is what the future looks like, then sign him up right now. Mary loved the dance, calling it out of this world. Nigel said that they all brought it tonight.

In the final results, Cat named Hannalei as the third person moving on to the finale.

And the final person moving on to the finale is…


Jay Jay and Darius were eliminated from the competition.