This week on “World of Dance” The Cut rounds begin where the 30 remaining acts will be cut down to 12 – three for each division.

For this round the judges get involved and mentor the dancers. And they have brough along some special guests to lend a hand. Jennifer invited Tap Dancing sensation Savion Glover and Derek brought in his former dance partner and sister Julianne Hough.

Jennifer and Savion will be mentoring the Junior Team division where seven teams will be cut down to only three.

The first group on the dance floor is Flip. Derek loved how they matched their moves with the horns; saying that it was so effective. Derek noted that the group had strong visuals. Calling the dance entertaining, Ne-Yo called it a great start; adding that the energy was way up. Agreeing that it was a great start, Jennifer said that the dance was clean. Flip scored 88.3 points for their dance.

The girls of Expressionz gave a performance that Ne-Yo said was a great job; adding that he loved the whimsical fantasy vibe. Saying that the girls took her notes, Jennifer said that the piece came to life; adding that they should stay with their signature moves – the spins. Saying that the dance was well done, Derek called the girls beautiful dancers. Expressionz scored 87 points for their dance.

Ballroom troupe The Pulse performed a Paso Doble. Jennifer said that they executed the choreography well. Derek loved the cape work. Ne-Yo said that it was their best dance yet. The Pulse scored 88 points for their dance.

The Lab performed a dance that brought tears to Derek’s eyes. Jennifer loved the emotion; saying that it is what sets them apart and is their secret sauce. Derek said that they are powerful as a team and special; adding that the dance was well done. Ne-Yo said that there is nothing better than real and genuine emotion; adding that every picture was perfect. He said that they are a joy every time they take the stage. Earning a perfect score of 100 from Ne-Yo, The Lab scored 98,3 points for their dance and eliminated the girl group Expressionz from the comepetiton.

The Quad Squad performed a dance that Jennifer said had powerful moments and Ne-Yo felt that the performance was not up to the level of the other dancers. The group scored 86 points for their dance and failed to make the cut.

The Rock Company performed a dance that brought the judges to their feet. Jennifer called the dance poetic, magical,ethereal, and beautiful; adding that they did exactly what they needed to do. Saying that they did a beautiful job, Derek said that he was excited for the future after watching them dance. Saying that he loved the dance, Ne-Yo called the performance technically stunning. The group scored 93.7 points for their dance and sent The Pulse home.

In the final performance of the Junior Team division, the Japanese group the Fabulous Sisters brought the judges to their feet with their dance. Ne-Yo said that the girls can take the most elementary moves and turn it into something amazing; adding that they did a great job. Saying that they made her tired watching them, Jennifer called them strong with different choreography; adding that they are different from anybody else. Derek said that the choreography and the way they dance is amazing; adding that the dance was simple and effective. The Fabulous Sisters scored 96.3 points for their dance and with that Flip was eliminated from the competition.

The three groups going to the finals in the Junior Team division are The Lab, The Rock Company, and the Fabulous Sisters.

Up next was the Upper Division with Derek and Julianne Hough as mentors.

The first dancer on the floor was the only solo performer in the division – Australian dancer Michael Dameski who performed a dance for his grandparents back in Australia to the music of Sam Smith. Saying that Michael dances like an angel, Jennifer noted that she didn’t know what was coming next. Calling Michael an incredible dancer, Derek said that Michael danced through the tricks with movement and fluidity. Ne-Yo said that he felt the emotion; adding that it made the dance better. Michael scored 93 points for his dance.

The married Ballroom dance couple DNA. Jennifer loved the piece; adding that they showed a real surrender and trust. Ne-Yo called the dance elegant and really beautiful to watch. Derek said that everything was so solid. DNA scored 89.3 points for their dance.

Alisa and Joseph gave a performance that Jennifer said had amazing chemistry; adding she loved what they do. The duo scored 86.3 points for their dance

Next up were Krumpers Bdash and Konkrete with a performance that brought the judges to their feet. Jennifer noted that the guys have such amazing concepts; adding that there were so many ways to look at the dance. Saying that he loved it, Derek said that the guys took them on a journey; but felt like the guys took a bit too long to get going. Agreeing with Derek, Ne-Yo called the performance dope. Bdash and Konkrete scored 91 points for their dance and eliminated Alisa and Joseph from the competition.

Next up was the duo Marinspired. Saying that she loved the guys, Jennifer said that together the two create a strong clumsy man thing; adding that she wasn’t sure she got the story but the dancing was super strong. Derek said that it was his favourite performance from the duo; adding that he could feel the strong relationship. Saying that he appreciated that there was no one like them in the competition, Ne-Yo said that he was entertained from start to finish. Scoring 87.7 points for the dance, Marinspired were eliminated from the competition.

Ashley and Zack have performed with Derek and Julianne on their tour. Derek called the performance absolutely stunning; adding that they told a beautiful story and made a massive breakthrough with the dance. Ne-Yo said that the dance was an example of what real emotion looks like; adding that he was moved. Calling it a really nice piece, Jennifer said that she felt the difficulty and struggle in the dance; adding that it reflected how art imitates life. The duo scored 91.3 points for the dance and eliminated DNA from the competition.

The final dance of the night was from Karen y Ricardo and brought the judges to their feet. Calling the dance insane, Jennifer said that she loved it; adding that it was more and more exciting. Derek called the couple hotter than the fire behind them. Ne-Yo dug the slower pace of the dance; saying that it allowed him to appreciate the moves even more. Earning a perfect score fro Ne-Yo, Karen y Ricardo scored 99 points for their dance and eliminated Bdash and Konkrete from the competition.

The three acts in the Upper division going to the finals are Karen y Ricardo, Michael Dameski, and Ashley and Zack.

Next week The Cut concludes with the final tow divisions and advice from Mel B and Paula Abdul.