It’s the final week of the duel rounds on “World of Dance” as the dancers compete to move on to the next round…and a chance for the $1 million prize.

First up are juniors Flamenco dancer Victoria Caban against the youngest duo in the competition Daniel & Mishella.

Up first was Victoria who had Jennifer yelling to get saucy. Jennifer said that Victoria killed it. Derek said that Victoria had so much charisma and maturity it her moves; adding that the routine was fantastic and he loved it. Ne-Yo said that Victoria did an amazing routine. Victoria scored 94 points for her dance.

Ten year old Daniel and Mishells performed a Latin Ballroom routine that had Jennifer comparing Daniel to Derek. Calling the routine excellent, Jennifer said that it was like watching two adults up there. While he thought the dance was well done, Derek told the duo to work on their connection. Saying that they did a fantastic job, Ne-Yo said that their showmanship was impressive. The duo scored 87 points for their dance.

Victoria won the duel and moves on to the next round.

Next up were dance crews S-Rank and Thamost who have had a history together.

S-Rank performed first and brought the judges to their feet. Ne-Yo said that their choreography almost remixed the song; noting that sometimes they danced to the music and other times to the lyrics. Jennifer said that she could feel the intensity in the dance from beginning to end. Saying that they are masters in texture, Derek noted that the group gave a clinic in musicality. S-Rank scored 94.3 points for their dance.

Thamost gave a performance that Ne-Yo said was high energy; adding that the moves were in sync. Ne-Yo called it a good duel. Noting that both crews were so good, Jennifer said that it was a good high energy routine. Derek noted that the crew came out strong. Thamost scored 85 points for their dance.

S-Rank won the duel.

Contemporary dancers Josh & Taylor went up against the trio Second to None.

The tap dancers Second to None took the floor first that Jennifer called sweet; adding that the trio brought their A game. Ne-Yo said that they did a great job. Noting that the routine was Gene Kellyesque, Derek – who loves Gene Kelly – called it an all around great performance but noted the dance could have been a bit cleaner. The trio scored 86.3 points for their dance.

Josh & Taylor gave a performance that had Jennifer calling it a movie. Saying that this dance was better than their qualifying performance, Jennifer loved the drama; adding that the dance was amazing. Ne-Yo noted that dancers can always win with him when there is a clear story being told. Ne-Yo loved the authentic emotion in the dance. Calling it a beautiful routine, Derek said that the dance was so intricate and intelligent. The duo scored 92.3 points for their dance.

Josh & Taylor won the duel.

The Contemporary duo L&J went up against Ballroom dancers DNA.

Up first were L&J with a routine that Jennifer said was executed perfectly; adding that they pulled off all the tricks beautifully. Agreeing that the tricks were fantastic, Derek noted that they had some intricate partner work in the routine. Ne-Yo said that the dance was definitely fun and energetic and he loved the connection between the two dancers; but added that the choreography didn’t always match the music. L&J scored 86 points for their dance.

Married couple DNA performed a Jive to “Proud Mary” that was full of tricks. Derek noted that it felt like they were dancing for redemption – last season at this point a fall sent the duo home. Saying that they made a great song choice, Derek noted that the duo have great technique. Jennifer said that she could feel how much they love to dance…and their connection; adding that it was beautiful to watch. Saying that they were obviously having fun, Ne-Yo “dug” the connection between the two. DNA scored 88.3 points for their dance.

DNA won the duel.

In a series of clips…
Girlcool and Quad Squad battled with the Quad Squad winning with a score of 93 points.
Madison Brown and Elektro Elite battled with Madison winning the duel with a scored of 86.3 points.
Tribe Unleashed and The Rock Company battled with The Rock Company taking the win with a score of 85.7 points.
The Iowa Girlz battled The Pulse with The Pulse scoring 84.3 points to win the duel by only three tenths of a point.

Professional backup dancers Ashley and Zack entered a duel with Korean street dancers Morning of Owl.

Ashley and Zack danced a routine that gave Jennifer goosebumps. Jennifer noted that there were so many moments in the dance; adding that it was beautifully performed. Ne-Yo said that the tricks and lifts looked effortless; adding that the routine was a step up from last time. Saying that the dance was believable from the beginning, Derek said that the pace of the routine was perfect, had stellar choreography, and they did an incredible job. Ashley and Zack scored 92 points for their dance.

Morning of Owl gave a performance filled with tricks and illusions. Calling the routine innovative, Jennifer said that the dance made her really happy and felt fresh and new; adding that the guys looked like they had a lot of fun. Saying that their originality stuck out, Ne-Yo noted that the trio showed them things they had never seen before. Noting that it was going to be a tough choice, Derek called it an amazing performance. Morning of Owl scored 91.7 points for their dance.

Winning by only three tenths of a point, Ashley and Zack will move on to the next round.

In the final battle of the duels, the guy groups Embodiment and Brotherhood battled it out on the dance floor.

Up first was the Contemporary dance group Embodiment. Jennifer said that it was so beautiful to see a group of guys be vulnerable; adding that the dance was so impactful. Noting that the guys had perfectly finished lines, Derek called the performance clean, structured beautifully, and looked effortless. Ne-Yo called the routine the epitamy of masculinity and elegance. The group scored 93 points for their dance.

The Hip-Hop group Brotherhood finished out the night with a routine that alleviated any doubts Ne-Yo had. Saying that when they first started he loved the duels but now he hates them, Ne-Yo noted that the group had some super smart choreography. Calling it a great routine, Jennifer called the dance clean, precise, and powerful; adding that this was really a duel. Saying that he was bopping in his seat, Derek called the routine so good with musicality. Derek called it the toughest duel yet. Brotherhood scored 92.7 points for their dance.

Embodiment won the duel by only three tenths of a point.

Next week The Cut begins where only three acts from each category will move on to the finals.