This week on “So You Think You Can Dance” two of the top 10 dancers will go home and again the dancers will perform twice – and this tie no one is dancing in their own style.

The night of dance opens with a group performance choreographed by Luther Brown.

Noting that this season has some of the best top 10 dancers ever on the show, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe revealed that the top 10 would be going on a national tour this fall.

Up first are Magda and Darius with a Nakul Bollywood routine that included a kiss from Magda at the end. Nigel noted that it was going to be a great night; adding that it was an incredible routine. Nigel noted that there was so much going on in the routine. Noting that the routine brought a smile to everyone’s face Vanessa loved how joyous it was; adding that the dance was phenomenal. Calling the performance awesome, Twitch noted that they keep the energy going. After thanking them from getting the party started, Mary said that they nailed it; adding that the dance had so much energy and she loved it.

Chelsea and Evan performed a Lyrical Hip-Hop routine by Christopher Scott about a breakup that included props. While she enjoyed the routine, Vanessa noted that there was a decent amount of emotion from the duo. Twitch noted that there were some emotional moments but it was in and out; adding that he needed more of a connection. Saying that it was better than last wee, Mary said that she wanted more of a connection. While it was the most connected he had seen from them, Nigel agreed with Twitch and wanted to see more.

Holding a surfboard, host Cat Deely revealed that over the weekend, the show received the award for Choice Summer Show on the Teen Choice Awards.

Last season a Stepper auditioned for the show and while she did not make it, Nigel invited her and her crew to perform during the finale. This season SYTYCD brought the first Stepping and Strolling routine to the show with a performance by Hannahlei and Cole that brought rousing cheers from the audience. Saying that it was awesome to have some HBC Culture on the show, Twitch noted that Hannahlei brought the energy; adding that Stepping was heavily based on rhythms and they brought the rhythm. Saying that she loved the style, Mary loved the style; adding that Hannahlei looked like she had been doing the style all her life. Nigel noted that Hannahlei’s personality shown through. Agreeing with her fellow judges, Vanessa called the performance so much fun.

Jensen and Jay Jay performed a Contemporary routine that Mary said was so beautiful and filled with so much loved and emotion. Mary called it an honest performance with amazing technique. Saying that the routine was really very beautiful, Nigel called Jensen a powerhouse of a dancer. Vanessa called the dance perfection from technique to emotion; adding that she said it felt like she was looking in on something. Saying that he had nothing but praises, Twitch had nothing more to add.

Genessey and Slavik performed a Jive to “Jump, Jive, and Wail” by The Brian Setzer Orchestra that was choreographed by “Dancing with the Stars” pro Sharna Burgess and brought the judges to their feet. Cat said that she was weak in the knees. Saying that he wanted to thank DWTS for sending them Sharna, Nigel called it a fantastic routine and he loves the way the couple is working out. Nigel noted that he could not believe Slavik was a Hip-Hop dancer. Calling the performance amazing, Vanessa said that they looked like they have been doing it for so long. Twitch said that the chemistry was there; adding that they looked like they were having so much fun. Twitch noted that Slavik never let his partner down. Saying that they made her cry, Mary said that she saw determination all over the stage.

Magda and Darius performed a Mandy Moore Jazz routine to “Fever” by Peggy Lee that brought grace and elegance to the stage and Darius wearing a suit on stage for the first time. Vanessa said that the dance was phenomenal with control and personality. Twitch said that the dance had the power of subtlety; adding that they made it look effortless. Twitch noted that he wished he was them. Calling the performance just right, Mary said that the duo sizzled and was fabulous. Saying that he wasn’t recognizing Darius, Nigel said that Darius is becoming an elegant dancer; adding the the routine was elegant, sophisticated, and danced beautifully.

Chelsea and Evan performed a Travis Wall Contemporary routine. Twitch noted that it was the best connection he had seen from the duo. Calling them super talented, Mary noted that they have found their chemistry; adding the dance was beautiful and strong. Nigel noted that Travis brought the duo together. Vanessa noted that Travis was good at bringing beautiful choreography; adding that it was by far the most connected she had seen from the duo.

Hannahlei and Cole performed a Disco routine to “Let’s Dance” by Donna Summer that brought Mary to her feet. Cat said that they brought a piece of Studio 54 to the dance studio. Mary said that they razzled and dazzled and did an amazing job. Nigel called it a ventilating and incredible routine. Calling the dance amazing, Vanessa said that they brought it to another level. Saying that they did a very good job, Twitch said that Cole did a very good job on the lifts.

Jensen and Jay Jay performed a Sean Cheeseman African Jazz routine that brought the judges to their feet. Noting that there were things in the routine that they will never do again in life, Nigel said that he doesn’t know what’s in Sean’s head. Saying that there was a bit of everything in the dance, Nigel called them the strongest couple on the show. Agreeing with Nigel, Vanessa called the routine just dumbfounding but they did it with such ease and power; adding that the dance brought out another side of them. Twitch called the dance exciting and amazing; adding that it had grace and energy. Mary called it the best routine of the night; adding that it had amazing attack and the duo were stars in the routine.

In the first results of the night, Cat called for Hannahlei and Jay Jay to step forward. She announced that the two dancers were safe for another week.

In the final dance of the night, Genessey and Slavik performed an Al Blackstone Broadway routine to “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Ella Fitzgerald. It was the first time that both dancers have performed a Broadway routine. Cat said that the dance was well done. In tears, Vanessa called the routine beautiful and so sweet; adding that both of them continue to surprise her. Twitch called the dance a beautiful thing to watch; adding that they did an incredible job. Mary said that if she could, she would give them a Tony Award for their performance; adding that they pulled them all in. Wiping his eyes, Nigel said that it was lovely to see young love; adding that it was a beautiful routine that was danced wonderfully.

In the final results of the night, Cat revealed that Genessey, Jensen, Darius, and Slavik were safe. That left Magda, Chelsea, Cole, and Evan in the bottom four and in danger of being eliminated.

This season there are no solo performances from the bottom dancers. Saying that they were unanimous, Nigel announced that Chelsea and Evan were going home but Magda and Cole were safe for another week.