It’s only one week away from crowning a new champion on “The Four”, but before a new winner can be crowned; they must face the comeback artists.

Two comeback artists will battle it out for the right to challenge one of “The Four”. The audience will choose the winners. After the challenge, the judges will determine who won the right to take one of the seats.

But before the battles begins Zhavia returns for a performance of the Jackson 5 hit “Give Me One More Chance” with the current members of “The Four”. Season one winner Evvie McKinney also joins the performance.

In the first comeback battle, one of the original four Stephanie Zelaya faces off against Whitney Reign. Sean noted that he saw no fear from Whitney tonight. Meghan said that Stephanie was amazing and DJ Khalid loved how she represented her Latino heritage. The audience chose Whitney Reign as the winner of the battle. Whitney chose to take on the person who unseated her – Ali Caldwell. Meghan said that Ali gave her chills but she saw a star in Whitney. Noting that it was going to be a tough decision, Sean said that he saw something he had not seen before in Whitney; adding that Ali has one of the best voices he has ever heard. Sean noted that he was not there to please anyone but to decide whom he would sign. After a heated discussion from the judges, DJ named Whitney as the winner of the battle and she becomes the first member of the Final Four.

The next battle paired rappers Lil Brie and Dylan Jacob for the right to challenge one of “The Four”. Sean said that Lil Brie still used too many words; adding that Dylan showed better breath control. DJ liked Brie but noted that Dylan came ready to battle. He noted that both of them represented the young world. The audience chose Dylan Jacob as the winner and once again he chose to challenge Sharaya J; saying that he came to finish what he started. While Sharaya was the strongest challenger, Meghan said that both of them gave 100 percent. Sean noted that Dylan was humble and talented; adding that he liked Dylan’s vibe. Sean noted that there was a reason Sharaya is the longest sitting performer on “The Four”. Sharaya won the challenge and will go up against the singers next week in the finale. Sean revealed that after Dylan’s performance last time, he got calls from two major labels about signing him.

Original “The Four” member Carvena Jones returns for a battle against Eban Lurks. Meghan noted that Carvena was so confident and made it look easy. DJ noted that he heard what he wanted from Eban – a chance to hear Eban. He added that he would sign both singers. In the closest vote of the night, Carvena won the battle and chose to challenge Leah Jenea. Sean said that Carvena did everything perfectly but Leah Jenae didn’t’ do everything perfect but her voice and vibe are special. Noting that the battle was serious, Leah Jenea held on to her seat as one of “The Four”.

In the final battle of the night, former “The Four” members Jesse Kramer and James Graham go head to head. With guitar in hand, Jesse gave a performance of “Come Together” that had the audience captivated and singing along. James performed the Sam Smith song and James Bond theme “Writings on the Wall”. Meghan said that she missed Jesse but James had her heart pounding and gave her chills. DJ noted that James came to battle and get his seat back. Sean noted that Jesse finally got it all together. James won the battle and challenged Jeronelle McGhee for the final seat on “The Four”. Jeronelle took on John Legend for his performance but James brought the house down with his rendition of “Without You”. DJ Khalid noted that both of the guys were great; adding it was going to be a tough decision. Saying that she has worked with John Legend, Meghan said that Legend would love what Jeronelle did with the song. DJ said that for the first time he saw real emotion in James’ performance.

Before the decision is announced, DJ Khalid has an announcement to make – he is releasing a new album on Friday that features performances from a variety of artists.

Sean said that the guys gave two perfect performances. Meghan noted that the girls were crying when James was singing.

The final seat on the “Final Four” is James Graham.

At Jeonelle’s request, Sean went up on stage to Diddy Bop while DJ Khalid blows his golden airhorn.

Next week Sharaya, Whitney, Leah Jenea and James will battle it out to claim the title as champion of “The Four” and a record deal with Republic records.