After taking a week off for the Independence Day holiday, “The Four” returns. In the past two episodes, all of the members of “The Four” were challenged.

Last time Whitney Reign was sent home but Jesse, James, and Sharaya all successfully defended their spots. Will they all survive for another week?

Rapper Sharaya J is the first member of “The Four” to be challenged this week when Dylan Jacob picks Sharaya for the right to take her seat. But in the end the original member of “The Four” has once again successfully defended her seat.

Jade Milan comes from a musical family and is a Broadway veteran – performing in “The Lion King” when she was only nine years old. Meghan loves that her voice is haunting. DJ Khaled said that she is talented and can sing but her song choice didn’t touch him. Sean said that timing is everything and he didn’t feel any goosebumps. Jade got three nos from the judges.

Ronnie Smith Jr works for his uncle’s funeral home, but his dream is a life of music. Sean has a question for Ronnie, “is it scary?” DJ said that the performance was cool. Meghan loved that Ronnie had fun and got down with the audience. Sean said that the performance was good but wondered if Ronnie really wanted it. Ronnie got his right to challenge with three yeses. Ronnie said that he came to challenge the beast and chose James. James notes that he is challenging his seat for the fourth week in a row. James holds on to his seat for another week.

Noah Barlass chose “The Middle” for his performance. Meghan said that Noah was so different in the best way. While Sean thought his voice was special, he questioned the attitude and the way Noah just walked around the stage. Noting that everybody had their own thing, DJ noted that he knew Noah was nervous. Noah got his chance to challenge one of “The Four” when he got three yeses. Noah chose to challenge Jesse. When Fergie asked why he chose Jesse, Noah said because we are both white guys with long hair. In a stripped down performance with just his voice and the guitar, Jesse performed the Prince composition “Nothing Compares to You”. The audience chose Noah over Jesse and becomes a member of “The Four” and Jesse is sent home.

Gospel singer Kateri Bluford got some mixed remarks from the judges with Meghan saying that she loved Kateri’s fierceness and while Sean thought it ws a solid performance, he questioned whether or not she was hungry enough. Noting that it was the battle for stardom, Ali said, “let’s battle.” Kateri got three yeses and the chance to battle with Ali Caldwell. DJ said that it was two great singers going at it, but in the end the audience chose to keep Ali Caldwell as a member of “The Four”.

Next week “The Four” returns for the final week of auditions.