Last week on “Face Off” two more artists went home when Yvonne and Kelly were eliminated from the competition and leaving Mel as the only female remaining in the competition.

This week’s…it’s in the cards.

The artists meet host McKenzie Westomore in the ballroom of a big house. The encounter a headless creature turning tarot card that turns out to be McKenzie. She tells them that this week’s challenge is based on the 13th card of the tarot deck – the death card.

Since all of the artists will be creating the same styled character, they will each get their own tarot card reading. They must use the cards from their reading as an inspiration for their death character.

This week the battle pairs were randomly paired together:
Walter and Jordan
Damien and Graham
Kevon and Derek
Mel and Matt

This is the third time that Damien and Graham have been paired together. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck and they two guys pick the same card!

Back in the lab the artists begin working on their sculpts. Michael Westmore visits the lab to offer some advice to the artists.

Mel is unsure of what she is doing. Mel is going for a demon look but Michael says it looks more like someone who has had a stroke.

On day two the artists continue sculpting as they prepare to get their pieces molded. Mel says that she is in a better place today but has a lot to do.

Jordan hit one of Walter’s molds and knocked it over breaking part of it. Walter hopes that he can salvage at least part of it.

Matt has a hairline fracture in his mold and has top patch it up before he can run the mold in polyfoam.

Derek has a big split in his cowl molded piece and will have to fix it before he can begin working on any applications.

Graham is trying to add wings to his character and has his model help to apply the feathers.

Walter discovers that his shoulder pieces are unusable but the elbow pieces make a smaller substitute.

Graham has to do all of his painting in last looks.

After the reveal and closer looks, McKenzie reveals which artists were the winners in the head to head battles…
Mel and Matt – Matt is the winner
Kevon and Derek – Derek is the winner
Walter and Jordan – Walter is the winner
Damien and Graham – Graham is the winner.

The judges spoke with some of the artists…
Glenn said that Derek did na extraordinary job with a character that was eloquent and original. Ve called it an astounding sculpture. Neville noted that the character was captivating from afar but became more interesting up close.

Ve said that Damein went astray this week; adding that his character looked like a heavy metal rock and roll guy that was missing his guitar. Neville liked the idea of the helmet but the reveal fell short. Glenn liked the helmet but not the makeup.

Neville said that Matt’s vision from head to toe was alluring; adding that Matt created something creepy and artistic. Glenn said that Matt did an amazing job; adding that the character was so successful. Ve called the character stunning.

While Jordan had a beautiful paint job, Glenn said that the face felt like a mask. Ve noted that it read like a mask from far away but up close the paint job was exquisite. The painting was too monochromatic for Neville.

Ve said that Graham did a beautiful job; adding that she liked the colour choices and painting. Neville said that it worked very well and Glenn liked that the character wasn’t just a sculpt. The judges noted that Graham’s character had minimal quantity and great quality; adding that it felt like a real character.

Glenn named Matt as the winner of the challenge. This is Matt’s second win in a row and he will get some extra help from an industry expert next week.