After all members of “The Four” successfully defeated their challengers last week, Whitney Reign, Sharaya J, James Graham, and Jesse Kramer prepare to take on a new set of challengers this week.

The Four” take the stage for a group performance that included a guest appearance by Timberland that brought the judges to their feet. Sharaya J did not participate in the group performance but is in the house and will defend her seat if needed.

While great, DJ Khaled warns “The Four” not to get comfortable.

First up on the stage is Felix Thompson with “Can We Talk”. Khaled warns Felix that he isn’t going to play any games. DJ loved the song and like the performance but he didn’t hear Felix. Meghan called Felix a great performer but didn’t think he could beat any of “The Four”. Sean said that Felix had a beautiful and special voice; adding that he did an excellent job. Felix got three yeses and the right to challenge one of “The Four”. DJ came up on stage and said that he said yes because he believes in second chances, but told Felix to bring it. After DJ told Felix to think about it, Felix chose to challenge Jesse. Bringing back his guitar this week, Jesse performed “Hold On, I’m Coming” and had the audience screaming. Felix chose the Bruno Mars song “That’s What I Like”. The audience chose Jesse as the winner of the battle but Sean said that he would not sign Jesse because he needs to show some diversity and has played that one note.

Colombian born Alma Lake sang “Ex’s and Oh’s”. Sean liked the performance; saying that the audience energy was important. Calling Alma cute, Meghan said that she didn’t see Alma beating any of “The Four”. But DJ said that he could see Alma going toe to toe with one of “The Four”; adding that Alma has a unique voice. With Meghan saying no, Alma got ony two yes votes. DJ wanted to hear Alma sing her challenge song – “Alive” by Sia but Sean said no.

Ali Calwell took on Rufus and Chaka Khan with “Tell Me Something Good” and left Meghan speechless. Meghan said that Ali was strong and did an excellent job. Sean asked her if she was ready to eat. Blowing his air horn, DJ kept saying eat, eat, eat, eat… Ali got three yeses and chose to challenge Whitney Reign. After the performances Sean said that it was the first time he wished he had an override vote to keep both of them. With the audience vote, Ali was named the winner and dethroned Whitney.

Cuban born Dian Rene grew up singing Opera but chose to perform pop music instead. Putting on a show, he chose to sing “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Loving the song choice, DJ said that he could feel the nerves in the beginning but admired Dian’s determination. Saying that she loved the passion, Meghan said that there was something amazing about Dian doing himself. Dian got three yeses and chose to challenge James Graham. James chose to perform Michael Jackson for his challenge song and had the judges on their feet. For his second song, Dian sang in Spanish…and danced a little Salsa. Sean said that no matter what happens, he wants some Salsa lessons from Dian. James won the challenge and kept his seat.

In the final performance of the night, Brennan Villines played the piano as he sang “500 Miles”. Meghan loved the performance; adding that she felt the emotions from Brennan. DJ said that Brennan tore it down. Sean said that he was proud of Brennan for being so strong. Getting three yeses Brennan challenges Sharay J. For the second week in a row, all members of “The Four” had to defend their spot in “The Four”. Sharaya J won the challenge and holds on to her seat.

Sean said that it was the best night for battles in the history of the show.