This week on “So You Think You Can Dance” the auditions travel across the country to New York City and some east coast diversity.

Nigel, Mary, Vanessa, and Twitch take their seats to see what New York has to offer.

Up first is Emily Carr who has been dancing since she was two years old. Nigel began by saying, “that’s what I call setting a standard,” and then called Emily magnificent. Saying that the dance was so beautiful, Vanessa noted that Emily showed her passion and skill. Twitch said that Emily’s power was incredible. Mary noted that Emily’s smile lights up the room. Emily got her ticket to the Dance Academy.

Next up was Dominican Republic native Gabriel Alvarez who used dance to avoid the violence. He comes out on stage with a big hoop. While Twitch thought there was something special that made Gabriel stand out, he wanted to see more dancing without the hoop. Nigel told Gabriel to lose the hoop and show them what he had to offer. Nige noted that it was well done, especially on the fly, but there wasn’t anythiing he hasn’t seen before in the past 10 years. Vanessa said that she has kind of seen it all. Twitch noted that Gabriel had skills and he loved the dance. Mary told Gabriel that he needed to be smarter about his auditons; adding that there wasn’t enough dancing. Only Twitch said yes.

Tap dancer Evan DeBenedetto returns after getting eliminated in the final cut last season and gave a performance that brought the judges to their feet. Twitch said that it felt good and Evan did a great job. Mary said that she thought it was going to be Evan’s year. Caling the performance tremendous, Nigel noted that las season Evan was cut for the guy who eventually won the title. Vanessa called the dance fantastic. Evan got his ticket to the Academy.

After a series of no clips, Jazz dancer Rachael Blanchard gave a performance that got mixed reviews from the judges. Calling Rachael adorable, Vanessa said that Rachael’s smile lit up the stage. Twitch noted that the performance quality of the dance was great but her transisitions were not so good. Mary noted that Rachael has tons of potential. Nigel called the performance a little juvenile. With a mied vote, Rachael got her ticket to the Academy.

After being cut during Academy week last season, animator and tutter Kyle Bennett returns for another try. Twitch noted that Kyle’s confidence read in his performance. Mary called the dance really amazing. Noting that he didn’t think people would realize how much work went into the dance, Nigel said that if Kyle can do other dance styles, he could be a star this season. Saying that her heart is pounding, Vanessa said that she thinks that they were all on the same page and told Kyle to come get his ticket to the Academy.

Victoria Neukon gave a performance that had Vanessa saying wow; adding that she loved it. Noting her incredible strength, Twitch said that Victoria used her body well. Calling the performance gorgeous, Mary said that the audition was amazing. Noting that Victoria’s Contemporary dance was based on gymnastics, Nigel said that he would have liked to see more dance movements. Victoria got her ticket to the Academy.

Bulgarian born identical twins Gratisela and Desislava Sandeva performed a hip-hop dance. Saying that they had some amazing originality, Vanessa said that her heart was melting for them. Calling the dance fun, Twitch said that the dance had some basic moves but it didn’t have the current punch. While Mary thought that the dance was a lot of fun, she said that it wasn’t strong enough. Nigel said that he wanted them to be great but they weren’t storng enough.

In the last performance of the night, brother and sister Salsa dancers Jordynn and Elan Lurie put on a show. The duo’s parents were in the house and Nigel invited mom to come down to the judge’s table. Ballroom expert Mary Murphy said that they did a fabulous job; adding that they had some unbelievable tricks. Nigel wanted to see more smiling. Saying that there were so many oooo and aaahhhh moments, Vanessa called the dance incredible. Saying that they were amazing, Twich noted that they had the family fire. When Nigel asked mom what she thought, mom said that she had seen better…then said that she was teasing. The duo got their ticket to the Academy.

Next week the New York auditins conclude with ome wild and crazy moves.