After taking a week off, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” returns with the final few episodes of season 10.

After the elimination of Monet X Change two weeks ago, only five queens remain to battle it out for the $100,000 prize.

Last time the queens were asked to turn social media kings into beautiful drag queens…with a family resemblance. This week it gets evil.

Kameron says that she feels bad about being the one to send Monet home.

Cheyenne Jackson joins RuPaul when she enters the workroom.

This week’s mini challenge the queens have to drag up some pancakes for the drag brunch and make them look beautiful and delicious. Cheyenne will decide the winner of the challenge.

Eureka was eating some of the garnishes.

Cheeynne chose Asia O’Hara as the winner of the mini challenge with her Panquesha pancake.

Telling the queens that they all have negative voices in their heads, RuPaul issue the maxi challenge, two distinct characters – one positive self and a negative self; along with the inner dialog for each.

Her fellow cleans what they thought were her good and bad parts of her personality. Then the queens tell each other about their personalities.

RuPaul comes to the workroom and talks to the queens about their costumes and their personalities. Asia notes that she often feels comfortable in fear and negativity.

RuPaul revealed that no matter where she performs, she always sees it as her mama’s living room – because mama loved everything she did.

RuPaul’s evil twin RudePaul comes to the workroom.

After RuPaul leaves the workroom, the queens continue to work on their costumes and their evil twin dialogues. Miz Cracker is having major issues with the sewing machine. Eureka reminds her that the challenge isn’t to make a new costume but to style a costume to fit the character.

Kameron has been in the bottom two for the past two weeks, and is hoping that it doesn’t happen three weeks in a row.

While putting on makeup, the queen discuss their inner negative self.

Asia brings up being less confident as a guy since they have been doing drag.

Joining RuPaul and regular judges Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley at the judge’s table this week are Ashanti and Lena Dunham for some Double Trouble on the runway.

Once both sets of twins walked the runway, the judges made their remarks…
While Kameron’s face was beautiful – and she always pays attention to the details – her outfits felt costumy. The judges wanted more evil from Kameron’s twin Katrina; saying that they weren’t seeing the real kameron or openness.

Eureka revealed her fun playful self but hit it on the nose with her voice over. Lena called her a great actor. RuPaul said that Eureka embraced herself and really understood the assignment; adding that Eureka’s performance had power and passion.

While the judges liked Cracker’s positive sell look, they said that the evil look didn’t match and looked Halloweeny. Noting that Cracker’s voice over didn’t come out as evil or reveal anything; RuPaul said that Cracker didn’t come out of her box and was too interested in control.

Aquaria exuded sexiness and passion in her positive look and her evil look was super creative. She exhibited some strong acting in her evil self. Aquaria delivered the fashion and gave a beautiful presentation but lacked some depth in her voice over.

The judges said that Asia showed some great acting and had the most dramatic transfer from her positive to evil self; adding that her voice over was very authentic and natural.

RuPaul had a question for the evil queens – who should go home and why? Three of the queens said that Kameron should go home; while two others said that it should be Miz Cracker to go home.

RuPaul named Eureka and Asia safe with Aquaria winning the challenge. For the third week in a row Kameron found herself in the bottom and facing elimination; facing Miz Cracker in the lip sync challenge.

After a performance of “Nasty Girl” Kameron discovered that the third time was indeed the charm when RuPaul told her to chantey you stay; but for Miz Cracker it was time to sashay away.

Next week the final four will sing and dance their way to the finale.

In the “Untucked” segment backstage Kameron was very negative about the remarks made to her saying that it was clear she can’t act or follow directions. Asia and Eureka gave Kameron the what for about her attitude; telling her to go for it and turn it out in the lip sync.

Cracker noted that she was fine with the judge’s remarks but the fact that Asia said she wasn’t a star blew her away. Cracker noted that she felt she had gotten better over the season.

Asia asked her fellow queens whether or not they had actually learned anything from the challenge and Aquaria said that she did.

Lena Dunham comes backstage to visit with the queens and telling them that they are all stunning. Lena wants to know how the queens remove their makeup and says that she wants to live backstage at “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

As she is packing up her stuff to go, Cracker said that she couldn’t believe she is leaving; saying that she felt like she let her family down.