With the annual Tony Award presentations less than two weeks away, the Broadway League has announced that the 2017-18 theater season has been the most successful season in history with over 13 million theater goers spending more than a billion and a half dollars.

According to the Broadway League the previous record of $1.4 billion was surpassed with $1,697,458,795 in gross sales from a total of 33 productions – 10 musicals, 20 plays, and three special engagements.

The record breaking numbers are being credited, at least in part, due the fact that this past season included a total of 53 weeks instead of the normal 52.

Speaking on the record breaking year, Broadway League President Charlotte St. Martin said, “it’s been a remarkably diverse season, with a wide variety of outstanding musicals and plays on Broadway that have attracted a record number of theatre goers —proving once again that there really is something for everyone on Broadway in a wide range of price points.”