He wanted a party, but what he got was a rip roaring party of screaming, singing, and dancing fans when Randy Bachman brought his show to the Seneca Events Center in the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino on May 25.

Originally scheduled for Bachman and Turner, Fred Turner has since retired from touring, so Bachman has soldiered on as a solo act and has created a show filled with stories and music spanning his career.

After opening the show with “Rolling on Down the Highway” he informed the crowd that he was born in Winnipeg and the show would be a musical journey.

Upon the release of his first single, the band discovered that their band name was already taken; as a result, the record label wrote Guess Who for the artist name…and it stuck. That single was “Shakin’ All Over”.

While waiting for his date, Bachman discovered a piano in the house. The notes he played while waiting for the girl to get ready became the hit song “These Eyes”.

And the stories and song continued with “Laughing”, “No Sugar Tonight”, “Undun”, “No Time”, and “American Woman”.

Then came Bachman Turner Overdrive with “Let it Ride”, “Lookin’ Out for #1′, and “She’s So High”.

Musicians are often influenced and inspired by each other. Saying that he loved the song “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles, Bachman wanted to write a song just like it about the everyday working man. He wrote one called “White Collar Worker” but it was never released. One night a very hoarse Fred Turner told Bachman to finish the show and Bachman saw his chance.

Reworking lyrics on the fly, the words “White Collar Worker” were replace with “Takin’ Care of Business”…and a hit song was born. As Bachman and the band began to play the song, the crowd went crazy and voictrously joined in on the singing.

After performing “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” while the crowd were on their feet singing, Bachman ended the show with a medley that began and ended with “Hey You”.

Bachman began the show as a musical journey, but it ended as a rousing party of screaming fans who were not ready for the show to end.