After an epic lip sync battle last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” there was no elimination and six queens remain after Eureka and Kameron survived.

Aquaria and Cracker were upset that no one got eliminated. Cracker said that she didn’t like it that some queens were “skating by” and now she isn’t in the top five.

This week RuPaul tells the queens that they are experts of being a woman, but for their mini challenge they have to become macho men and do an ad for a new body spray – Trade. After the photo shoot, Eureka as BJ wins the challenge.

After introducing some of the nation’s top social media kings today:
Tyler Oakley
Chester See
Anthony Padillo
Ramond Braun
and Frankie Grande

For winning the mini challenge, Eureka gets to pair the kings and queens where the queens will transform the kings into queens.

Monet got Tyler
Cracker got Chester
Aquaria got Kingsley
Kameron got Anthony
Asia got Raymond
and Eureka got Frankie

There must be a clear family resemblence between the two queens.

Asia said that her and Raymond are a match made in heaven. Raymond is all excited about getting dragged up.

Tyler called being on the show a definite bucket list.

Chester is excited to learn about drag. Cracker thinks she is a great drag ambassakdor

Frankie is a Broadway veteran…and Ariana Grande’s brother. Frankie said that he has always wanted to be on the show but can’t do anything.

Kameron’s king – Anthony – is a straight guy, which makes her a bit timid over working with him.

RuPaul visits the workroom to check on the kings and queens.

Walking in heels is a big challenge for the guys.

RuPaul tells the kings that being in drag is liberating because you can do all the things you normally can’t do.

Frankie is very excited to be on the show. Frankie said that his biggest fear is expectations.

Before leaving the workroom RuPaul tells the queens and kings that they also have to make a homemade video.

The kings practice their walk in the workroom as the learn how to “sissy that walk”.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are regulars Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews with guest judges Miles Heizer and Lizzo.

Asia and America O’Hara
Eureka and Eufreaka
Aquaria and Capricia Corn
Miz Cracker and Miz Cookie
Monet X and Short Change
Kameron and Kelly Michaels

In the judge’s remarks…
Asia and America were stunning and it was hard to tell who was the real queen; and they captured the essence of the family relationship.

Both dominating personalities, Eureka and Eufreaka were fantastic together, telling a story without saying a word. Mixing perfectly, the looked like they had been together for a long time.

While Aquaria nad Capricia Corn had a storyline and their makeup was stunning, there wasn’t much of a family resemblence – it felt more like queen and “Little House of the Prairie” than queen and princess.

Miz Cracker and Miz Cookie were a lot of fun and had a story with a flawless partnership. The judges felt that Cookie was beautiful and fully in character.

Monet was stunningly beautiful and the judges adored Tyler as Short Change but while the duo enjoyed themselves, they felt that there was no family resemblence; adding that this week the makeup was not her best.

Kameron and Kelly Michaels had a questionable family resemblence and the look was a bit too simple; especially for this far into the game.

After their deliberations, RuPaul announced that Asia, Eureka, and Aquaria were safe. Thanks to her partner Cookie, Cracker won the challenge. Kameron found herself in the bottom for the second week in a row and Monet X Change is in the bottom for the third time this season.

The lip sync song this week was “Good as Hell” by guest judge Lizzo.

After the performance RuPaul told Kameron to change ou stay but for Monet, the thrid time was not the charm and she was told to sashay away.

Next week it’s time for the Evil Twins.

Backstage in “Untucked” Miz Cracker noted that if she won it was Cookie who won the challenge.

Eureka congratulated everbody; noting that the all had such energy.

Kameron told Eureka that she knew she would be lip syncing again this week; adding that she was happy with what she did in the challenge.

While Kameron and Eureka are talking together, Cracker tells the others that she had issues with Eureka and Eufreaka’s looks – especially Eufreaka’s; saying that the proportions were all wrong.

Asia noted that when she first saw Monet, she was shocked by Monet’s drag and felt like Monet was a deadly threat.

Eureda noted that everytime she is doing well, that she gets second guessed.

The kings were all very excited about being on the show.

When asked wh she paired the kings and queens up the way she did, Eureka admitted that she was trying to make it harder for some of her fellow queens; adding that at this point in the competition, you had to have a strategy.

After learning that she has been eliminated, Monet noted that her drag had been up and down this season, but she has learned a lot. She tries on various wigs as she packs her stuff and calls her dollar store drage sponge dress one of the greatest parts of season 10. As she leaves the show, she is holding the dress in her hands.

And then there were five!