Last week the drag queens on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” paid tribute to the iconic Cher and at the end of the night Kameron Michaels earned her first win of the season but The Vixen was sent home.

A somewhat arrogant Aquaria not only believes that she was one of the best in the challenge last week; she believes that she should be one of the final three queens.

Asia noted that she needed the lip sync challenge last week to re-spark her dedication to drag.

Stephen Colbert greets the queens this week instead of RuPaul, but it is Ru who comes to the workroom to issue the challenges.

RuPaul calls in the pit crew who and the guys keep coming until 20 of them are in the workroom. This week’s mini challenge is a game – Pants Down, Bottoms Up. The queens play a match game with the pit crew members underwear. With the best memory, Aquaria wins the challenge.

The maxi challenge this week is an acting challenge – the queens are being transported to the magical world of drag queen robots in the television show “Breast World”.

Since she won the mini challenge, Aquaria gets to assign the roles for the show; but noting that she has become aware of how the other queens think of her, she is letting them choose what roles the want to play.

When RuPaul visits the workroom, she questions Aquaria’s tactics in letting the queens choose their roles. It also appears that Aquaria’s role has the fewest number of lines. RuPaul speaks with each of the queens about their roles and gives them a few tips of how to make the best of it.

The queens meet with Ross Matthews and Michelle Visage to work on their roles. Some of the queens are having issues with their parts.

The runway theme this week is silver foxy – the queens when they get old.

While getting ready for the runway, the queens discuss dating and boyfriends.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews with special guests Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson.

After the runway walk and airing the “TV show” the judges make their remarks…
Miz Cracker was stunning and well put together on the runway but in her performance on the TV show, she was a bit stiff; while she came armed with a good idea, she got caught up in the details.

Kameron had a fun runway look but her role in the show was one level and didn’t show an layers.

Monet X Change was wonderful on the show, funny, and on point with her ad libs but while funny RuPaul wanted more glamour in the runway look.

Aquaria’s runwa was stunning but did not answer the theme; leading Ross Matthews to say that she was the winner…of a different runway. The judge thought Aquaria was a great robot and relateable in the show.

Eureka’s runwa fell a bit short and the judges felt that she didn’t connect in the show. Noting that she struggled during rehearsals, the judges felt that Eureka didn’t deliver.

The judges didn’t get Asia’s runway look but she was a joyful burst of energy and fun in the challenge that included part of herself in the character.

Telling the queens that they all did amazing this week, RuPaul notes that decisions and cuts must be made.

Monet, Aquaria, and Miz Cracker are safe. After lip syncing for her life last week, Asia is the winner this week; but last week’s winner Kameron Michaels and Eureka are in the bottom and will have to lip sync for their lives.

This week’s lip sync song is “New Attitude” by Patti LaBelle.

After the battle RuPaul told Kameron Michaels chantey you stay.

Expecting to hear that it was time for her to go home, RuPaul told Eureka to also chantey you stay. RuPaul said that is what you call a lip sync for our life and that is why no one is going home tonight.

A very emotional Eureka said that she was freaking out.

Next week the queens turn social media kings into fabulous drag queens.

In untucked this week; Eureka feels that she is being treated more harshly than the other queens because she was on the show before, noting that she was read down during the remarks. Eureka is sure that she will be lip syncing for her life this week.

Kameron…who always assumes so…also believes that she will be lip syncing this week. Asia tries to convince Kameron that she is really good, but Kameron is buying it.

Monet X Change notes that since there are only six of them left, they cannot depend on their normal club tricks.

Believing that she may be leaving the show, Eureka speaks to her fellow queens saying that she wanted to thank them all and that she loves them. Telling them that they are all special to her, Eureka reminds them that they are all superstars and should count their blessings. She gets hugs from the queens.

This week Miz Cracker gets a video message. Her mom said that she felt like she is getting two sibling for the price of one. Cracker notes that her mother has a chronic illness and is going blind; adding that it is the last chance for her mom to actually see Cracker on the show.

Kameron noted that she expected to get the video message instead of Cracker.

In talking with Eureka, Kameron reveals that her dad died five years ago but she never dealt with it. Kameron noted that she is very much like her father when it comes to emotions.

The other queens are concerned thatKameron is so negative about herself.

Eureka notes that she deserves to be in the bottom this week; adding that she will give it her all to sta.

After they both learned that they are safe Kameron and Eureka discuss being safe for another week.