On May 15 NASCAR handed down penalties from the races at Kansas last weekend.

For the fifth time this season, NASCAR has handed down a penalty involving the rear window support.

What Kyle Larson called damage due to an ontrack crash, was deemed to be an improperly installed rear window support on the number 42 car driven by Kyle Larson and owned by Chip Ganassi Racing. In post race inspection NASCAR determined that the rear window and the rear deck lid were not flush and rigid all around.

As a result of the infraction, crew chief Chad Johnston has been fined $50,000, car chief David Bryant was suspended for the next two points races – does not include the All Star race, car owner Chip Ganassi has been docked 20 car owner points and driver Kyle Larson loses his playoff point earned during the race and has been docked 20 driver points.

Noting the recent rash of violatons involving the rear window, NASCAR’s Senior Vice President of Competition Scott Miller noted that the teams have obviously found some performance benefit and are pushing the envelope; adding that he doesn’t believe the teams are purposely trying to perform illegal acts, just that they are looking for an advantage. Miller also noted that the Competition Committee is looking into enforcing some stronger penalties if the rear wndow infractions continue; noting that they are bad for everyone.

Car owner Chip Ganassi announced that while there were no intentional infractions, the team will not appeal the ruling. Ganassi noted that the team will turn their focus toward the All Star race this weekend and the Coca-Cola 600 the following week.

The number 22 Joe Gibbs Racing car driven by Joey Logano was charged with not having all 20 of the lug nuts properly secured after the race. As a result of the infraction, crew chief Todd Gordon was fines $10,000.