With the shortened “Dancing with the Stars” Athletes season, the show has already reached the semi finals. By the end of the night half of the remaining six couples will be eliminated from the show.

Joining Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Len at the judge’s table this week is retired Major League Baseball player and DWTS alumni David Ross.

Again this week the couple will have to perform two dances – a MVP round and a Ballroom Battle round.

The night of dancing gets started off with a group performance by the Troupe, Stars, and Athletes.

Mirai and Alan get the competition started off with a Quickstep to the music of 5th Harmony that Mirai is dedicating to her mom. Host Tom Bergeron said wow and noted that Mirai wasn’t even breathing hard. Noting that the Quickstep was his favourite dance, David called the performance impressive and awesome. Len noted that the duo came out with no messing about with guns blazing; adding that they attacked the dance. Len noted that Mirai did lose her posture a bit during the dance. Bruno said that it was like watching a firefly in full flight; adding that they had some fantastic runs and he loved the energy. Calling the performance fantastic, Carrie Ann said that Mirai was on a roll and in her zone; but noted that in the group portion of the dance, Mirai didn’t pay attention to the rest of the group. Mirai and Alan scored 35 points for their dance.

DWTS Champion Meryl Davis returns to the dance floor joins Alan and Jenna for a performance.

Jennie and Keo dance a Viennese Waltz for her MVP – husband Casey – to the music of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Casey gives her a bouquet of flaowers after the dance. Len liked the soft sweeping movements in the dance but wanted to see more in hold. Bruno noted htat Jennie is finally starting to trust her partner. Carrie Ann said that Jennie embodies the spirit of what the show is about; adding that Jennie expresses real joy when she danced. Carrie Ann noted that this week Jennie had more fluidity and storytelling in her dance. Saying that Jennie reminded him of himself on the show, David noted that Jennie is growing each week. Jennie and Keo scored 29 points for their dance.

Nastia Luikin returns to the Ballroom for a performance with Keo and Sasha.

Chris and Witney dance a Foxtrot for Chris’ MVP – his mom. His mom is in the dance at the end. Bruno liked that there were elements of Bob Fosse nad Gene Kelly in the dance; calling it brilliant. Carrie Ann called it a showstopper routine but Chris looked a bit nervous. David noted that coming from a baseball player, David said that Chris made a great catch – Witney dropped off into Chris’ arms. David loved the routine and said that Chris did a great job. Len thought the solo was brave but felt a bit wooden; adding that the dance was full of entertainment. Chris and Witney scored 33 points for their dance.

Von Miller returns to the Ballroom for a performance with Sharna and Witney.

Tonya and Sasha dance a Rumba for her MVP dad who died nine years ago. Tonya was very emotional during the end of the dance. Tom was impressed that Tonya got through the dance. Carrie Ann noted that there is no better way to pay tribute to someone than to dance with an open heart. David called the dance emotional and inspiring. Len liked the light and shade of the dance; adding the whole package was full of emotion. Bruno noted that Tonya’s lines are getting better; adding that there was a good balance of motion and emotion. Tonya and Sasha scored 33 points for their dance.

Adam and Jenna perform a Contemporary dance for Adam’s MVP mom to the music of Coldplay – a song he has skated to in the Olympics. Calling the dance beautiful, David said that the dance felt so connected and was his favourite of the dance. Len noted that the dance had great control and flair; adding that it was the best dance he had seen tonight. Bruno compared them to two birds of paradise who performed a dance that was mesmerizing and enchanting. Bruno said that Adam and Jenna were so intune with each other and the music that it was impossible to tell who was the professional. Carrie Ann noted that the dance was challenging but they made it look easy; adding that it was pur perfection. Co-host Erin Andrews called it gorgeous. Adam and Jenna scored 39 points for their dance.

Lindsay, Emma, Artem, and Gleb perform a sultry dance.

For the final dance of round one, Josh and Sharna perform a Contemporary dance to “Stand By Me” for his MVP – his four brothers. Saying that he liked it, Len that there was a beautiful fluidity about the dance; adding that the lifts were seamless. Calling the dance strong, assured and confidence, Bruno said that Josh took great care of Sharna; adding that the dance was extremely musical and they never lost the flow of the dance. Agreeing with Len, Carrie Ann said that there was a surefootedness about the dance with impeccable lifts; adding that Josh was on fire and in the zone. Saying that the dance was as smooth as you could ask for, David called the performance beautiful and elegant. Josh and Sharna scored 36 points for their dance.

MVP round scores:
Jennie and Keo – 29
Chris and Witney – 33
Tonya and Sasha – 33
Mirai and Alan – 35
Josh and Sharna – 36
Adam and Jenna – 39

In the Ballroom Battle round the six remaining couples are paired up and will battle it out in dance side by side for bonus judge’s points. Meryl, Nastia, and Von return to mentor the dancing pairs.

Up first are Jennie and Keo and Tonya and Sasha who got some help from Nastia on their Cha Cha. Noting that it is difficult to judge, Len said that they gave it their all, were full on, and full of energy. Bruno said that both couples had the right feel and they went for it, but there were some timing issues. Calling it a well matched battle, Carrie Ann said that they had so much energy and did a great job. David agreed that both couples had great energy. With a score of three votes to one, Tonya and Sasha won the two bonus points.

Next up were Adam and Jenna and Mirai and Alan with some help from champion skater and DWTS champion Meryl Davis as they work on their Jive to “Johny B. Goode”. Bruno said that they gave everything and went full on with full power, and maximum effect. Noting that both dances had an incredible amount of content, Bruno said that both couples did an excellent job. Calling it a showdown, Carrie Ann noted that there was so much going on; adding that she would pay to see it again. An impressed David called the dances amazing. Calling it a very tough decision, Len loved both dances. The judge’s decision was a tie. The tiebreaker was the vote by the viewers who chose Adam and Jenna as the winners.

In the final battle, Josh and Sharna and Chris and Witney get a little help from Von Miller on their Salsa. Tom noted that there were some crazy lifts from both couples. Noting that the two couples had different approaches, Carrie Ann called it very tight – like by a hair. Noting that it was tough to call, David said that they brought the heat and were amazing. Bruno took off his shirt. In a three to one vote, Josh and Sharna won the battle.

Battle Round scores:
Tonya and Sasha – 2
Adam and Jena – 2
Josh and Sharna – 2
Jennie and Keo – 0
Mirai and Alan – 0
Chris and Witney – 0

Total scores:
Jennie and Keo – 29
Chris and Witney – 33
Tonya and Sasha – 33 + 2 = 35
Mirai and Alan – 35
Josh and Sharna – 36 + 2 = 38
Adam and Jenna – 39 + 2 = 41

Tom Bergeron noted that the voting was the closest it has ever been and revealed that Adam and Jenna were the first couple in the finals. Joining them are Tonya and Sasha and Josh and Sharna.

Chris and Witney, Jennie and Keo, and Mirai and Alan were all eliminated from the competition.

Next week the finalists will take on the Freestyle.