Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, Eureka became the first queen to win two challenges but it was time for Blair St. Clair to sashay away.

This week it’s the episode every queen dreams of being a part of – “The Snatch Game”!

But first it’s time for a little shade when the queens read each other. RuPaul named Eureka as the winner of the mini reading challenge.

For “The Snatch Game” the queens must choose a celebrity to impersonate and provide riotous answers to the posed questions while maintaining the celebrity persona.

RuPaul comes into the workroom with a special guest – Bianca Del Rio. In meeting with the queens to learn who they were playing, RuPaul wasn’t totally sold on some of the characters.

Joining RuPaul for The Snatch Game are:
contestants – Audra McDonald and Kate Upton
with celebrities:
Congresswoman Maxine Waters
Wrestler Chyna
Dorothy Parker
Maya Angelou
Melania Trump
Blue Ivy Carter
Honey Boo Boo

Saying that she is the winner, RuPaul said that she was going to go home and watch “Judge Judy”. Dressed as Judge Judy, Bianca comes out and says, “baloney!”. Bianca Del Rip played Judge Judy on The Snatch Game when she was on the show.

Back in the workroom preparing for the runway, the queens discuss The Snatch Game – The Vixen didn’t care for the way Eureka played Honey Boo Boo and thought she stepped on too many people.

They discuss being political in their drag shows and politics in general when it relates to black/white issues.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are regulars Michelle visage and Carson Kressley with “The Snatch Game” contestants Audra McDonald and Kate Upton.

This week’s runway theme a salute to The Divine Miss M with Mermaid Fantasy.

RuPaul names Miz Cracker, Kameron Michaels as safe for this week. The remaining queens are the top and bottom looks for the week.

In the judge’s remarks…
The judges loved Aquaria’s mermaid look and thought that she was a great Melania Trump. Audra said that she was impressed.

The judges didn’t understand Monique Heart’s runway look, saying that it was a mess and disjointed; adding that she left out so many things…including the comedy…as Maxine Waters in The Snatch Game

Michelle didn’t understand why Asia O’Hara was wearing a mask as a part of her mermaid costume. And while she looked beautiful as Beyonce, her portrayal was mean spirited and mad. Michelle noted that every time a queen plays Beyonce in “The Snatch Game’ it fails.

The judges felt that there wasn’t much there when The Vixen played Blue Ivy; adding that her mermaid face was great but the rest was lacking.

Monet X Change had a cool mermaid costume and she did her homework as Maya Angelou and did a brilliant job.

The judges said that Eureka embodied Honey Boo Boo on “The Snatch Game”; adding that she was detail oriented, funny, and impressive. There were mixed views on her mermaid look.

RuPaul asked the queens who they thought should go home and why.
Eureka named Asia for the simple reason that Asia is her biggest competition.
The Vixen named Eureka because she thought that Eureka was unprofessional and takes the air out of the room.

Monet, Asia, Monique, and Aquaria all named The Vixen.

Getting her second win, RuPaul names Aquaria the winner of the challenge.

Eureka, Monet, and Asia were all safe; but Monique and for the second week in a row The Vixen were in the bottom and had to lip sync for their lives to “Cut the Feeling” by Carly Rae Jepson.

After not knowing all the words to her song, Monique was sent home. The Vixen was saved for the second week.

Next week the queens pay homage to Cher.

In “Untucked”, safe queens Miz Cracker and Kameron Michaels had the room to themselves. They put their mermaid fins back on and lounged on the sofas. They talk about how much money they spent on stuff for the show and who they thought were in the top and bottom.

When the remaining queens come backstage the discussion of who should go home continues. When the discussion turns to RuPaul’s question of who should go home, the discussion gets very aggressive with The Vixen taking umbridge about the other queens remarks.

Crew members bring a TV backstage. The Vixen gets a message from her mom that brings her to tears. She said that she needed that message.