It’s fan night on “The Voice” and the top eleven singers will be performing songs suggested by the fans.

Getting the night started off is Team Blake’s Pryor Baird with “Night Moves” by Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band and got wild cheers from the crowd. Kelly noted how comfortable Pryor is on stage and that you can’t teach that; adding that Pryor connects with the audience. An excited coach Blake said that he felt the softer side of Pryor; adding that Pryor has so much momentum building right now.

Team Adam’s Sharane Callister took on Diva Queen Mariah Carey with “Hero”. Former coach Alicia Key aid that she feels a connection to Sharane; adding that Sharane is blooming before their eyes and finding her footing. Alicia noted that Sharane did the song her way. Coach Adam noted that he was afraid for the song; adding that Sharane did a great job vocally…and in her own style.

Team Kelly’s Kaleb Lee took on Travis Tritt for a song Kaleb performed when he was only eight years old – “Trouble”. Blake said that it was all he could do to sit there and not run up on stage to jam with Kaleb; adding that the song was perfect for Kaleb’s voice. Coach Kelly said that Kaleb did a killer job and nailed it.

Team Alicia’s Jackie Foster took on The Who with “Love Reign O’er Me”. Adam said that the performance was all Jackie’s and amazing. Alicia kept saying RA RA; adding that the fans picked a great song for Jackie.

Team Adam’s Jackie Verna sang “Strawberry Wine”. Blake said that it was awesome to get the fan picks; adding the song was perfect for Jackie’s voice. Adam said that Jackie gets better every show; adding that she is one of the best singers on the show. Adam called Jackie’s performance flawless.

Team Blake’s Kyla Jade took on the Queen of Soul with “Sweet Baby, Since You’ve Been Gone”. Alicia called Kyla phenomenal; adding that Kyla is inspiring. Coach Blake noted that Kyla has gone from being afraid to dominating the stage.

Team Alicia’s Christinia Danielle took on Rihanna with “Umbrella”. Alicia said that Christinia is so lovable; adding that she makes every song her own.

Team Kelly’s Brynn Cartelli took on Lady Gaga with “You and I”. Carson noted that the fans have been doing a great job of picking the songs. Kelly called Brynn cool and confident; adding Brynn is beautiful and confident.

Last week’s save team Adam’s Rayshun LaMarr performed “Try a Little Tenderness” and had the house raising the roof. Waiting for the crowd to settle down, Adam noted that last week Rayshun was in the bottom but this week he is number one; adding that it was the first time in the show that the coaches were on their felt before the song was over.

Team Alicia’s Britton Buchanan performed Ed Sheeran’s mash hit “Perfect”. Britton revealed that he does have a girlfriend…and she was on Alicia’s team – Oiivia Faith – and is dedicating the song to her. This is the first time that Britton performs without his guitar. Alicia said that Britton is no joke; adding that in his quietness he is even more powerful.

Closing out the night of music is Team Blake’s Spensha Baker with the Little Big Town song “Better Man”. Blake took his team to a bar, played some pool and gave them a gift of a new guitar. Kelly said that it’s crazy how big Spensha’s voice is. Coach Blake said that Spensha is important to Country music and the show is proof she is doing what she is meant to do.

For the first time this season, an artist has scored a song on the iTunes overall top 10 chart. Several of the artists have their songs in the top 10 of the various genre iTunes charts.