Last week Eureka stole the show in the talk show challenge as a big baby and won her first challenge; but it was time for Mayhem Miller to sashay away.

RuPaul tells the queens that it is time to separate the pros from the cons…

In the mini challenge, is the new game Sittin’ on a Secret. The queens are blindfolded and must identify items by sitting on them.

The items the queens had to identify included a fax machine, an eggplant, a bag of chips, a cake, a traffic cone, marshmallows, and a pork chop.

The queen who guessed the most items was Asia O’Hara.

This week’s maxi challenge was to create their own

Drag Con panel. The panels were on body, face, and wigs. This week the queens were allowed to pick their own teams.

Blair, The Vixen, and Miz Crackaer were the wig panel.
Monet, Kameron, and Eureka were the body panel.
Asia Monique, and Aquaria were the face panel.

The panels have to prepare for a talk and to answer questions from the audience.

Oh, and one more thing, since drag con is a place to make the fans fall in love with a queen, the audience will be rating the panels…and the queens.

Eureka has been to a drag con and has participated in one of the panels.

The runway look this week Hat’s incredible.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews; along with special guest judges the married couple Kumall Nanjiani and Emily Gordon.

First up was the Body Panel and when it came time for the Q&A on person asked with today’s political climate, why is drag so important.

Eureka’s answer was that we are all afraid and for a queen it is a way to escape the bad things in their lives. She said, “we do drag to celebrate ourselves.” She adds that other celebrate drag because it is also a way for them to escape and a way to belong. Eureka said, “in the political climate right now, none of us feel like we belong.”

The body panel brought a guy on stage and showed how to make him a woman.

Next up was the Face Panel. The question to the panel was what can a regular woman learn from a drag queen. The answer was not to be afraid to try new things. Aquaria said that since there are no rules, do what makes you happy. The guy that the body panel dressed, returns to get his face painted. Asia demonstrates putting on eye lashes and Aquaria does her lips.

The Hair Panel spoke on wigs…and how to make your wig life better and how to turn your wig woes into wig wows. Their question was what to do with wigs for baby queens. And the model returns for his wig with a stocking and duct tape. The Hair panel brought some hair to chair with the audience.

After the runway reveal, RuPaul named Kameron Michaels, Monet X Change, and Eureka the top three of the week. But Miz Cracker, Blair St. Clair, and The Vixen are the bottom three for this week. Aquaria, Monique Heart, and Asia O’Hara are safe for this week.

In the judges remarks…
The judges like Kameron’s runway look; adding that they liked to see her personality and it was nice to see her come through.

After being in the bottom for the past two weeks, Monet X Change found herself one of the top three queens this week. The judges loved her on the panel; adding that she was funny and gave an amazing performance.

The judges loved Eureka’s runway look; adding that she did a great job on the panel and was voted the fan favourite from the audience. Michelle noted that Eureka is in her groove and commanded the room.

While the judges loved Miz Cracker’s runway look, they felt she was lacking on the panel. The judges noted that no one on the Hair panel really gave them any real info on hair.

Also on the Hair panel, Blair St. Claire got bulldozed over by her panel mates. Blair revealed that her first sexual encounter was an assault while at a college party. She noted that she has been searching for pretty things ever since.

While the judges thought that The Vixen’s big floppy hat was a great interpretation of the runway theme, they noted that they couldn’t see her face. The judges again noted that they wanted some real info from the panel.

Saying that she had one word for Eureka – Proportionize, RuPaul named Eureka the winner again this week. This is the first time this season that a queen has not only won two challenges; but also, won them back to back.

Monet, Kameron, and Miz Cracker are all safe but Blair St. Claire and The Vixen find themselves in the bottom and will have to lip sync for their lives.

The lip sync song for this week was “I’m Coming Up” by Diana Ross that included a segment in the middle of the song that was only music with no words.

After the performance, RuPaul told The Vixen to chantey you stay, but for Blair St. Claire it was time to sashay away.

Next week it’s the Snatch Game!

In the “Untucked” segment this week, the safe queens talked about being safe and who they thought would go home from the queens in the bottom.

A former Seminary student, Monique talked about “praying the gay away” and how it doesn’t work; saying “nothing changes.”

When the remaining queens come backstage they talk about the judge’s remarks.

Crew members bring a television backstage and discover there are a couple of messages.

Eureka gets a message from her sister and mom. A very emotional Eureka noted that when she left her mother wasn’t talking, but she did on the video.

Blair also got a video message from her mom. Blair talks about her assault and how it has affected her outlook on life. Blair said that it was the first time she has ever spoken about the event. The other queens give her a hug.