Auto racing is a dangerous sport even in the best of times; but NASCAR makes every effort to ensure the sport is as safe as it can possibly be at all times.

During final practice of the Monster Energy Cup Series on Friday afternoon at Talladega Motor Speedway, the drivers were reaching speeds of over 200mph. Only five laps into the practice session Jamie McMurray blew a tire and got loose. Unable to stop, Ryan Newman hit McMurray sending into a flip that barrel rolled the car over six times.

While McMurray walked away from the crash unharmed, NASCAR deemed the speeds unsafe and has since reduced the size of the restrictor plate in order to slow the cars down to a safer speed.

An impound race with practices completed, the drivers will have their first opportunity to run the cars with the new restrictor plate when they qualify on Saturday.

AT 2.66 miles around, Talladega Motor Speedway is the largest track on the NASCAR circuit.