Last week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” after a lip sync performance of a new Rusical, Kalorie Karbdashian was sent home in an emotional decision and Ross Matthews told Eureka to get out of her head or her head is going to send her home.

This week RuPaul tells the queens that the next Drag Superstar is an old fashioned girl but be careful not to get dated.

In the mini challenge, RuPaul is holding a screen test for her new chocolate bar campaign. She tells the queens to stand out and make her laugh. The queens have 20 minutes to get dragged up.

Three queens made RuPaul snicker – Blair St. Clair, Monique Heart, and Monet X Change.

For this week’s maxi challenge the queens must help RuPaul market her new breakthrough dating apps – End of Days – doomsday preppers who want to spend their lives with that one special person…even if it’s only for a couple of weeks

Fibstr – for pathological liars who are looking to make a connection…or are they???

Madam Buttrface – she’s who’s got a vain body…buttrface…

Blair, Monique, and Monet are team captains and will choose their teams.

Miss Cracker
The Vixen

Dusty Ray Bottoms
Kameron McMichaels
Mayhem Miller

Asia O’Hara

Blair and her team will be working on End of Days.
Monique and her team will be working on Fibstr.
Monet and her team will be working on Madam Buttrface.

Teams must use their writing and acting skills to create a commercial that will make Ru want to click that app.

Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley are directing the commercials.

Monique is trying to direct the filming herself.

While getting ready for the runway, the queens found a spider in the workroom…and went crazy.

Dusty reveals that her family thought she was possessed when she came out and even exorcised her hand had her entered into conversion therapy. She called it a the most humiliating thing in her life. Today she is engaged and very happy.

Several of the queens talk about how they are very spiritual and go to church every week.

Joining RuPaul at the judge’s table this week are Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley with special guest judges Nico Tortorela and Courtney Love.

The runway theme this week is FEATHERS!!!

This week the queens worked as teams to create their commercials, but RuPaul announced that they were being judged as individuals.

After the runway reveal RuPaul named Asia O’Hara, Eureka, and Blair St. Clair as the top queens for the week; but Yuhua, Kameron, and Mayhem were the bottom queens for the week. The remaining queens were safe.

In the judge’s deliberations…

Blair got mixed reviews on her runway look with some of the judges liking it, while others did not. Carson noted that Blair has the right attitude and is willing to learn.

Last week Eureka found herself in the bottom and having to lip sync for her life, but this week she brought it and landed in the top three. Michelle noted that Eureka performed at the level they expected to see.

While Mayhem was flawless with her look on the runway, she was forgetable and un-noticed in the commercial.

The judges loved Kameron’s runway look; but noted her performance in the commercial was the reason she ended up in the bottom three. Saying that she was flat in the ad, the judges said that they felt acting was not her favourite thing to do.

The judges loved Asia’s runway look as Tweety Bird; adding that they loved her face in the commercial. Nico said that Asia’s face was the only thing in the commercial that popped.

The judges didn’t get Yuhua’s Asian themed runway look and Yuhua felt that she had to explain things…again. The judges didn’t feel that her face didn’t work in the commercial either.

After deliberations RuPaul named Blair and Eureka safe with Asia as the winner of the challenge.

Kameron was safe but Yuhua and Mayhem will have to lip sync for their lives. The lip sync song this week is “Celebrity Skin” by guest judge Courtney Love’s band Hole.

After the lip sync performance, RuPaul told Mayhem to chantay you stay; but for Yuhua it was time to sashay away. Mayhem promised that she would do better.

Next week…going to the Ball!

In untucked…
backstage the safe queens talk about the teams and how they were happy to be judged individually.

Monique wanted to discuss the elephant in the room…queens not working well with others. While the queens were preparing for the runway, an aggressive discussion ensued when Aquaria made the remark that the runway wasn’t being judged and The Vixen not bringing her best drag last week because she borrowed a wig. Said discussion continued in untucked. Aquaria began to cry and The Vixen – who is a strong personality – noted that such activity made it appear that The Vixen was racist.

Once the remaining queens came backstage, they discussed the remarks made by the judges and Eureka asked if anyone was thrown under the bus. One of Monique’s critiques was that she should have stood up for herself when working on the ad. The queens pointed out that Monique has a strong personality and gave the appearance that what she wanted was what was to be done.

Saying that she knows she will be in the bottom, Mayhem took her headphones saying that she has a song to learn.