It’s the final night of the battle rounds on “The Voice”. Kelly has seven artists on her team; while Alicia, Blake, and Adam all have six. Only Alicia has a steal remaining.

The night began with Team Adam’s Stephanie Skipper and Jackie Verna are paired up for a performance of The Heart song “These Dreams”. Blake said that there some very impressive moments in the performance; adding that it was one of the most even battles he has every seen. Kelly siad that the girls kind of captured Country music in the song; adding that they were pretty fantastic. Alicia noted that it was about what kind of journey Adam wanted to be on. Adam said that they both did an amazing job. Adam chose Jackie as the winner of the battle.

Alicia paired Livia Faith and Terrance Cunningham for a battle of “Stars” by Grace Potter. Terrance provided the only music for the song, playing the piano. Adam called the performance super beautiful. Kelly said that they did a very good job as a team. Blake said that the performance took him away; adding that they brought a moment together. Alicia said that Livia was impressive and Terrance was powerful. Alicia chose Terrance as the winner of the battle.

In a series of clips:
Adam paired Angel Ronilla and Gary Edwards for a battle with Gary winning the battle. Adam’s knockout team is full

Blake paired Austin Giorgio and Brett Hunter for a battle with Blake named Austin as the winner of the battle.

For her final battle, Kelly had paired Hannah Goebal and Alexa Cappelli for a battle but Hannah had to withdraw leaving Alexa as the final member of Kelly’s team.

In the final battle, Blake pairs Dallas Caroline and Spensha Baker for a battle of “I Could Use a Love Song”. Kelly called Dallas a tiny package with a big voice and she just wants a record from Spensha. Alicia said that they put their all into the song. Adam called it an impossible decision to make. Blake called Dallas a great singer; adding that Spensha has the ability to blow Nashville’s mind. Wondering what he has done to himself, Blake named Spensha as the winner of the battle. Alicia used her final steal on Dallas before host Carson Daly could even finish saying Dallas was available to steal.

Team Alicia:
Sharane Calister
Christiana Danielle
Jonny Bliss
Kelsea Johnson
Miya Bass – steal
Britton Buchanan
Terrance Cunningham
Dallas Caroline

Team Kelly:
Brynn Cartelli
Tish Haynes Keys – steal
D.R. King
Kaleb Lee – steal
Justin Kilgore
Alexa Cappelli

Team Blake:
Dylan Hartigan – steal
Kyla Jade
Jaron Strom
Pryor Baird
Jaclyn Lovey – steal
Austin Giorgio
Spensha Baker

Team Adam:
Rayshun LaMar
Jackie Foster – steal
Reid Umstattd
Jordyn Simone – steal
Mia Boostrom
Drew Cole
Jackie Verna
Gary Edwards