It has been 10 years since RuPaul first launched her reality series “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. After crowning three All Star champions, RuPaul is ready to launch her tenth season of Drag Race with 14 new queens, new guest star judges, and new challenges for the queens.

The queens for season 10 are:
After injuring her knee on season nine Eureka has returned to Drag Race.
Asia O’Hara from Dallas
Miz Cracker from New York City
Yuhua Humasaki from New York City – she was born in China
Blair St. Clair from Indianapolis – she is the first queen from Indiana
Monet X Change from The Bronx
Kameron Michaels from Nashville
Mayhem Miller from Riverside – finally made it on the show after years of auditioning
Kalorie Karbdashion Williams from Albufquerque
Monique Heart from Kansas City
Dusty Ray Bottoms from New York City
The Vixen from Chicago
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo from Tampa
Aquaria from Brooklyn

In her first video, RuPaul uses the names of past Drag Race queens’ names in her message.

Coming into the workroom, RuPaul begins the season with a mini challenge she has been a decade in the making. RuPaul has invited former queens to help her judge the challenge. The queens must “walk the runway” dancing and strutting their stuff.

Back in the workroom, the queens are disrobing and they are shocked at what they see from each other. The girly boys are eyeing each other…

RuPaul comes to the workroom to announce that Monet X Change is the winner of the mini challenge.

Saying that they are going back to their roots, RuPaul issues the first big challenge – the very first challenge in Drag Race – Drag on a Dime. Create million dollar looks creating it from, “a bunch of junk from the 99 cent store.”

Eureka’s knee injury turned out to be a fully torn ACL. She was terrified that she would not be able to dance again.

Miz Cracker has a scrapbook of all of her makeup looks. She says that when things get harried, it helps her to have something to look at.

Miz Cracker and Aquaria are doing the same makeup look.

Joining RuPaul at the judges table are Michelle Visage – her tenth season -, Carson Kressley, and Ross Matthews.

Saying that the runway look was worth every penny, RuPaul said that Kameron Michaels, Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Eureka, Monet X Change, Monique Heart, and The Vixen are all safe for this week.

The remainder of the queens are the top and bottom looks this week.

RuPaul said that before the judging began, she had an announcement to make…she is adding another queen this season – “one we all know and love” – and announces Phera Moan. The person who comes out is really guest judge Christina Aguilera.

In the judges remarks…
Christina loved Kalorie Karbdashion Williams confidence but Michelle was concerned that designing is not Kalorie’s strong suit; adidng that they have seen her design done a few times before. Noting that Kalorie looked like she ran out of time, Carson wanted more impact and Ross noted that she needs to wow them.

Ross loved all the textures in Blair St. Clair’s look. Carson said that she was gorgeous. Christina liked her a lot; adding Blair made her costume look cool and futuristic. Michelle liked the regalness in Blair.

Carson thought Dusty Ray Bottoms’ look was fun and modern. Michelle like Dusty’s costume and how it all came together but did not like the cone on her head for a hat and questioned Dusty’s makeup of dots all over her face.

Carson loved Mayhem Miller’s look. Christina said Mayhem’s creativity is off the chart; adding that she loved the boldness and fearlessness. Michelle noted that it was a great way to come out and start the season. Ross agreed that it was a great start for her. Mayhem got very emotional after trying so many times to get on the show.

Ross said that Vanessa Vanjie Mateo had a lot of flavour. While Michelle loved the quarkiness and campiness of the costume, she noted that Vanessa’s body had no definition, it just looked like stuff was stuck all over the place.

Michelle said that Yuhua was cute and had personality but was predictable. Ross noted that Yuhua knows who she is but questions whether or not she has what it takes to back it up.

Carson gave Miz Cracker kudos for her construction; adding that she sold it on the runway. Michelle said that Mi Cracker constructed a masterpiece, was funny, and smart. Christina was blown away by the look.

After deliberations RuPaul named Miz Cracker, Blair St Clair, Yuhua Hamasuke, and Dusty Ray Bottoms as safe for another week with Mayhem Miller the winner of this week’s challenge; but Kalorie Karbdashion Williams and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo as the two queens in the two queens in the bottom and at risk of going home.

The lip sync for your life this week is “No Other Man” by guest judge Christina Aguilera.

After the lip sync performance, RuPaul tells Kalorie Karbdashion Williams, “chantey, you stay” but for Vaness Vanjie Mateo it was time to “sashay away.”

Next week its a lip syn extravaganza.

During the untucked episode the safe queens discuss the various looks, the first entrances, and RuPaul’s incredible look. The queens noted that mi Cracker has copied Aquaria’s looks and since they are on the show together, Aquaria says that the issue may have to be addressed this soon.

Eureka reveals that this season is a lot harder for her this season because her mom – who is named Eureka – has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

When the remaining queens come backstage, they kick off their shoes. The queens discuss the judges remarks and talk about who they think will be in the bottom. Mayhem gets emotional again as she says that she is convinced that she wasn’t going to make it.

Christina comes back stage and the queens go crazy. They ask her questions and look for some advice. Christina tells them to remember who they are as a person, to remember the good, and the good around you.

Eureka comforts Vanessa who is upset that she might be the one going home.