Glam Punk rockers The New York Dolls are releasing a boxed set filled with rarities, demos, and live performances. The five disc collection – “Personality Crisis: Live Recordings & Studio Demos 1972-1975” – is set for an April 27 release in the U.K. U.S. fans can pre-order the collection now. The set lists for £21.99.

The set comes in a clamshell box and includes a booklet. Each disc comes in its own case.

The collection features over 100 tracks and includes three demo sessions by early New York Dolls and live performances that include two shows in America that were broadcast on the radio,

The New York City band was formed in 1971 and pioneered the punk rock sound. Before hard rockers KISS took the stage covered in makeup, the New York Dolls performed wearing makeup, heels, and satin; paving the way for other bands.