The Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang are over the all of the athletes have gone home, but the competitions are not over.

On March 9 the 2018 Winter Paralympics held their opening ceremonies in Korea and will occupy the residences left vacant by the Olympians and will compete at some of the same venues. While the rules are a bit different and allowances must be made, there is no doubt that the participants in the Paralympics are indeed serious athletes.

As in the Olympics, the Russian athletes are not allowoed to participate under their own flag after a doping scandal that goes back several years; as a result, they will be participating under the Paralympic flag and are listed as NPA athletes.

On Saturday March 10 15 countries have already won medals with the United States leading the way in gold medals but are tied with the Ukraine for total medals.

Paralympic Medal Count:
United States – 5
Ukraine – 5
Canada – 4
Belarus – 4
France – 3
NPA – 3
Germany – 2
Slovakia – 2
Japan – 2
Switzerland – 1
Great Britain – 1
Austria – 1
Belgium – 1
Italy – 1
New Zealand – 1


feature photo credit: By Scazon –, CC BY 2.0,