As week two of the Blind Auditions come to a close on “The Voice”, Kelly leads the way with eight singers on her team; Alicia and Adam each have six, with Blake coming in last with five.

Last night Adam used his one block on Kelly; now Kelly Carkson is the only coach left with a block.

First up is Spensha Baker who grew up singing in the church but sees herself as a Country music artist. She chose the Beatles hit “Blackbird” for her audition and got Blake and Kelly to push their buttons about halfway through the song. Adam noted that she sang one of his favourite songs and did it her way. Alicia called it a beautiful rendition of the song. Kelly noted that it was like worshipping when when she sang. Blake loved the vibrato and held her low notes. Blake noted that Spensha is what they need in Country music. She chose Blake to be her coach.

Alexa Cappella chose “I’ve Got the Music in Me” for her audition got Kelly and Adam to turn their chairs. Adam said that it wasn’t just good but really soulful. Alicia called Alexa phenomenal; adding that she was looking for something special. Alexa said that she sang Kelly’s song “People Like Us” for her audition to the School for the Arts. Kelly wanted to hear her sing the song and even sang a bit of it with Alexa. Alexa chose Kelly to be her coach.

Adrian Brannon is a cowgirl and singer. She studied opera when she was 13 but prefers singing cowboy music. Adrian failed to turn any chairs. Blake said that she had a great personality, but noted she had a diction issue as why they didn’t turn their chairs.

Wilkes has been making music for 17 years, including a rock band for 12 of those years. Blake and Adam finally pushed their buttons at the end of the song. Adam called Wilkes the Representative for good rock. Blake noted that Wilkes’ voice got better as the song went on. Wilkes chose Blake to be his coach.

Blake and Jessle battled it out with Blake taking the win.
Alicia got Jordan Simone and Megan Lee for her team.

Jaron Strom is a web designer by day and musician by night. He performed the Ben E. King song “This Magic Moment” for his audition and got Blake to turn his chair near the end of the song. Jaron had to do a happy dance – B-boy – after Blake turned his chair. Blake said that he was into it from the beginning and the song got better as the song went on.

In the final audition of the night Terrence Cunningham played the piano and sang “My Girl” for his audition and got Adam’s attention very quickly. Alicia followed quickly behind with Kelly and Blake making it a four chair turn a couple of measures later. Blake noted that they were all a little speechless; adding that he had never heard a performance like that on “The Voice”. Kelly wanted to know why he wasn’t already on the radio; Terrence said he took time to be a Dad first. Alicia said that if she ever did anything right, it was coming on the show to meet Terrence. Adam said that Terrence didn’t need them, they needed him. Terrence chose Alicia to be his coach.

Adam was the only coach not to add a singer to his team tonight.

Alicia’s team:
Britton Buchanan
Kelsea Johnson
Jaclyn Lovey
Christiana Danielle
Johnny Bliss
Jordan Simone
Megan Lee
Terrence Cunningham

Kelly’s team:
Brynn Cartelli
D. R. King
Justin Gilmore
Molly Stevens
Dylan Hartigan
Jackie Foster
Jorge Eduardo
Alexa Cappella

Adam’s team:
Rayshun LaMarr
Drew Cole
Mia Boostrom
Reid Umstattd
Angel Bonilla

Blake’s team:
Kyla Jade
Kaleb Lee
Pryor Baird
Brett Hunter
Austin Giorgio
Spensha Baker
Jaron Strom