It’s another week of Blind Auditions on “The Voice”. New coach Kelly Clarkson leads the way with five artists on her team; while Adam, Alicia, and Blake each have three artists on their teams.

Last week “The Voice” introduced a new twist with the block – Blake used his block right away and later in the show Alicia used hers. Kelly and Adam have yet to use their one block for the season.

First up for tonight Christiana Danielle – her mom is a Christian rapper. She sang the Drake song “Hotline Bling” for her audition. She got barely three words out when Adam had turned his chair. Later in the song Kelly pushed her button, followed by Alicia. Even before Christiana could give her name, Kelly said that she loved Christiana’s voice and then began babbling about how she is the only coach for her. Noting that he didn’t push his button, Blake said that he had no business trying to throw his name in the hat. Adam called Christiana a gem and one of the greatest gifts given to “The Voice”. Adam said that Christiana’s voice and presence humbled him. Calling her stunning, Alicia said that it was exciting what Christiana was doing for music; adding that she brought in Ella Fitzgerald through Drake. Kelly said that Christiana could win the show. Christiana chose Alicia to be her coach.

Brett Hunter with his ukulele chose the song “She’s a Bad Mamma Jamma” for his audition but had to wait for a while before Blake pushed his button. Blake noted that he had a Tiny Tim on his team. Kelly said that she didn’t know he was white. Alicia thought that the ukulele was interesting. Adam noted that if Brett had auditioned with just his voice and the ukulele, all four of the coaches would probably have turned around.

Jamai owns a singing telegram business but is looking to go to the next step. He had to wait to nearly the end of the song before Alicia and Kelly turned their chairs. Jamai called Kelly a very versatile artist. Alicia said that he had a powerful variety and a style of his own. Kelly noted how Jamai sounded a lot like Usher and said that he should choose artists he isn’t similar too. Singing his choice, Jamai chose Alicia to be his coach.

Mitch Cardoza comes from a musical family and chose one of his favourite songs for his audition – “No Woman, No Cry” but failed to turn any chairs even though Alicia and Kelly said that they loved the song. Blake invited Mitch to come back.

Mia Boostrom chose “Pillowtalk” for her audition but had to wait a while before Adam pushed his button. Adam said that she is going to be the best one chair turn on the show. Alicia noted that she had a great voice. Kelly claimed that she was looking for something special.

Jackie Foster sings in a band in Boston. She chose “What About Us” for her audition. Kelly was the first to push her button but Alicia waited to the last moment to push her button. Kelly said that Jackie has insane range and so much depth in her voice. Alicia called Jackie’s voice super beautiful; adding that it has so much texture and an accurate tone. While Jackie was trying to talk to Alicia, Kelly began babbling. Jackie chose Kelly to be her coach.

Kayla Woodson has a “day job” working at a food venue at the Country Music Hall of Fame but the Country artist failed to turn any chairs. Blake noted that while she has a great voice, her performance was sharp. Adam invited her to come back.

Reed Umstato chose “Take Me to the Pilot” for his audition and got Adam and Alicia to turn their chairs together. Adam was rocking out with the song. Adam said that he was so happy Reed was there. Kelly said that she was waiting on specific things for her team. Adam was happy that Reed chose that Elton song; adding Reed had a killer voice and range. Adam said that Reed did the song like Reed. Alicia noted that she could play the piano for the song; adding that he had a powerful voice. Reed chose Adam to be his coach.

Mexican born singer and Mexican “The Voice” alum Jorge Eduardo chose the Latin smash hit “Despacito” for his audition. He only got a couple of notes out when Kelly pushed her button and was up dancing. Kelly went up and hugged Jorge, saying that he was so good. Kelly said that she had been trying to learn the song and it is a hard song to sing. Jorge said that he would teach her. Blake said that he wanted to learn the song too.

In a couple of clips…
Adam and Kelly fought over Jamella but she chose Kelly to be her coach.

Philapino Angel Bonilla is on Adam’s team.

Rochester, New York’s Austin Giogrio loves to dance but is looking to take his musical career to the next step. He chose “How Sweet it is (to be Loved by You)”. He got Blake to push his button early on in the song. Near the end of the song Kelly also turned her chair. Adam said that he could feel Austin was performing. Kelly noted that she loved all the old songs; adding that it would be good for Austin to pick a modern song and sing it in the old style. Blake noted that he saw a lot of Michael Buble in Austin. Austin chose Blake to be his coach.

In the final audition of the night, New York karaoke host Johnny Bliss is looking to be an artist who sings in English and Spanish – he is Dominican and Puerto Rican. He chose a Marc Anthony song he is dedicating to Puerto Rico for his audition. Adam pushed his button after the first measure. Alicia and Kelly pushed their buttons together but Adam blocked Kelly. Blake made it a four chair turn. Alicia called the performance beautiful. Johnny kept saying thank you; adding that he loved Adam’s shirt. Adam said that Johnny has the voice to go all the way; adding that Johnny has the ability to make him get lost in the music. Kelly said that she feels that’s what is missing from radio today. Alicia asked if Johnny came out of the womb singing; adding that he was obviously put on this planet to sing. Even though he didn’t understand what Johnny was singing, Blake said that he connected with the music. Alicia sang one of her songs in Spanish and got a hug from Johnny. Johnny chose Alicia to be his coach.

The blind auditions continue on Tuesday.

Alicia’s team:
Britton Buchanan
Kelsea Johnson
Jaclyn Lovey
Christiana Danielle
Johnny Bliss

Kelly’s team:
Brynn Cartelli
D. R. King
Justin Gilmore
Molly Stevens
Dylan Hartigan
Jackie Foster
Jorge Eduardo

Adam’s team:
Rayshaun LaMarr
Drew Cole
Mia Boostrom
Reed Umstato
Angel Bonilla

Blake’s team:
Kyla Jade
Kaleb Lee
Pryor Baird
Brett Hunter
Austin Giorgio