It’s night two of the Blind Auditions on season 14 of “The Voice”.

On the premiere Blake and Alicia have already used their one and only block of the season in the new twist of the season.

First up is Davison with the BeeGees hit “To Love Somebody” and got the guys – Adam and Blake – to push their buttons at the same time. Alicia said that Davison was outrageous; adding that his voice had a storyteller energy to it. Saying that he loved the song, Blake said that there was something so vintage about his voice; adding that it was magical and would be honoured to be Davison’s coach. Adam said that Davison embodies what the show is; adding that Davison’s voice speaks to all of them. Adam said that he thinks Davison could win “The Voice”. Davison chose Adam to be his coach.

Sixteen year old Jaclyn Lovey chose “Can’t Help Falling in Love” for her audition and got Alicia and Blake to turn their chairs. Kelly noted that there was no one like Jaclyn on the show. Alicia thought that it was special how Jaclyn’s performance was simple and pure. Blake said that Jaclyn’s voice made you feel everything. Jaclyn chose Alicia to be her coach.

Seventeen year old Sophia Dion chose “What a Man” for her audition but failed to turn any chairs. Kelly noted that she was very close to turning her chair but while the arrangement was cool, she was waiting for something. Blake said that Sophia needed to clean the song up a bit, specifically making it so people could understand what she was saying. There were clips of other no performances where nerves got the best of them, the song got away from them, or it was a bad song choice.

Molly Stevens chose “Heavenly Day” for her audition and got Blake and Kelly to turn their chairs early in the song. Kelly noted that Blake is not the only coach on the show who can help Country music artists. Kelly said that Molly doesn’t sound like every other Country music artist. Blake said that it was fun to watch Molly perform. Molly chose Kelly to be her coach.

Former Boy Band member Dylan Hartigan chose “Danny’s Song” for his audition but had to wait until near the end of the song before Kelly pushed her button. Kelly said that he had a solid voice; adding that she couldn’t wait to see what was in his arsenal. Kelly has shirts for her team members.

The final artist of the night was Pryor Baird with “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and got Adam to turn his chair early in the song. Blake and Alicia came next with Kelly making it the first four chair turn of the season. Kelly said that she loves it all. Adam said Pryor was singular and unitque the way he played the guitar. Blake said that Pryor was an incredible vocalist; adding Pryor was born with that weathered sound. Pryor sat on the stage and Adam sat beside his chair. Alicia said that Pryor had such a power and range to his voice. Pryor chose Blake to be his coach.

“The Voice” returns next week with more blind auditions.

Alicia’s team:
Britton Buchanan
Kelsea Johnson
Jaclyn Lovey

Kelly’s team:
Brynn Cartelli
D. R. King
Justin Gilmore
Molly Stevens
Dylan Hartigan

Adam’s team:
Rayshaun LaMarr
Drew Cole

Blake’s team:
Kyla Jade
Kaleb Lee
Pryor Baird