Seventeen days ago the world came together to celebrate the XXIIIrd Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Before the events even began, it was clear that these Games would be a history making event when a divided country came together as one…at least for a short time…when North and South Korea joined to form a single women’s hockey team.

But the games have not been without controversy. Though they were allowed only to compete under the Olympic flag and not their native flag, Russian athletes were allowed to participate in the games. Due to doping issues, Russia has been banned from Olympic competition. During these games it was discovered that two Russian athletes tested positive for banned substances.

Along with the historic coming together of the two Koreas, the Winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang also set a number of records – the most athletes, the most countries, and a new record was set for the most medals won by a single country. The games this year featured 102 medal events.

In the final medal count for the 23rd Winter Olympic games athletes from 30 nations are bringing home awards of valour for their athletic prowess.

Setting the record, Norway tops the list of total medals. Germany and Norway tied for the most gold medals won with 14 each. Canada was the only other country to reach double digits in gold medals with eleven.

Final Total Medal Count:
Norway – 39
Germany – 31
Canada – 29
United States – 23
Netherlands – 20
Olympic Athletes from Russia – 18
South Korea – 17
Switzerland – 15
France – 15
Sweden – 14
Austria – 14
Japan – 13
Italy – 10
China – 9
Czech republic – 7
Finland – 6
United Kingdom – 5
Belarus – 3
Slovakia – 3
Australia – 3
Poland – 2
Slovenia – 2
New Zealand – 2
Spain – 2
Hungary – 1
Ukraine – 1
Belgium – 1
Kazakhstan – 1
Latvia – 1
Liechtenstein – 1