It’s comeback week on “The Four” as Nick Harrison, Tim Johnson Jr, Kendyl Paige, and Jason Warrior will battle the challengers to hold on to their chairs.

Only one more week before the winner is crowned and earns a record contract and a chance to work with the judges – Meghan Trainor, Sean “Diddy” Combs, DJ Khalid, and record exec Charlie Walk.

After “The Four” open the show with a performance that features host Fergie, Vincint becomes the first singer to perform for a chance to become one of “The Four”. Noting that she knew him, Meghan said that she was pleasantly surprised; adding that Vincent’s voice was impressive but not aggressive. Diddy noted that he liked the performance. After getting four yeses, Vincent chose to challenge Jason Warrior – currently the longest sitting member of “The Four”.

After the audience vote, Vincint dethrones Jason Warrior to become the first singer in the finale. His seat is locked for the night.

Before leaving the stage, Jason had a few things to say to Meghan about how sometimes she says things that fur them and then sang a bit of her song “I’m Gonna Love You”.

DJ had a gift for Diddy – a very fancy watch.

Next up was Evvie McKinney who comes from a musical family. She chose “Rise Up” for her performance. Fergie said that Evvie has fire. Meghan said that Evvie put her in such a good mood. DJ Khalid said that Evvie is ready now. Diddy said that Evvie gave him range, colour, and complexity; adding that she also gave her father and family a victory. Evvie got four yests and chose to challenge Kendyl for her seat.

After bringing down the house and the judges to their feet with her performance, Fergie named Evvie the winner of the challenge. She has earned her way into the finale.

Diddy announced that after a fan vote, Ash Minor, Candice Boyd, Saeed Renaud, and Zhavia all return to challenge for one of the final two spots in the finale. They will have to battle it out between them for the spots. Candice and Saeed will battle it out and Ash and Zhavia will battle it out. The judges will decide who gets to make the challenge.

Up first was Saeed, next up was Candice. After the performances Diddy announced that Candice had earned the right to challenge for her seat.

Candice chose to challenge Nick Harrison. Before she made her decision, Nick asked if whoever lost the Super Bowl would they get a second challenge?

Nick is currently the only Hip-Hop artist on “The Four”. After the fan vote the third person in the finale is Candice after defeating Nick.

In the challenge between Zhavia and Ash, Ash took the stage first and played the guitar as he sang the Bruno Mars song “When I Was Your Man”. Zhavia chose a Cardi B song for her performance. DJ Khalid announced that Zhavia won the challenge and will face Tim Johnson Jr for the final seat of “The Four”. Tim was not challenged last week, but determined to hold on to his seat, he chose to perform a song by The Weeknd. For her second song, Zhavia chose “Say Something”.

After the final challenge of the night, “The Four” has been set after the audience chose in the closest vote of the night – only two perfect between them – Zhavia as the winner.