On week three of “The Four” a new group of artists will perform in an attempt to challenge Zhavia, Cheyenne Elliott, Candice Boyd, and Jason Warrior for their seats as a member of “The Four”.

But first the artist must face record executive Charlie Walk and musicians DJ Khalid, Meghan Trainor, and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Any right to challenge one of “The Four” must come after a unanimous vote from the panel.

Zhavia has had a bad week and was put on vocal rest by her doctors. She wasn’t even sure whether or not she would be able to perform tonight.

First up is rapper Rell Jerv who noted that going up against a singer would be a tough challenge, but he was ready to take it on. He performed an original song for his performance. Meghan loved that she could hear and understand every word; adding that Rell had some great breath control. Charlie and Diddy noted that Rell did himself and they could tell it was him and not imitating someone else. Rell got four yeses for his performance. When host Fergie asked Diddy who Rell should choose to challenge, Diddy said, “I don’t know”. Noting that it was only fair to challenge the person who beat the rapper, Rell chose to challenge Cheyenne. He performed another original song in his challenge performance. After the audience vote Rell Jerv becomes one of “The Four” sending Cheyenne home. Rell’s seat is locked and cannot be challenged tonight.

Next up was former boy band member Sean Cavaliere who is now looking to launch his solo career. Performing a Shawn Mendes song, Sean sounded very much like Mendes. Meghan noted that she felt that it was tough to see where Sean could fit in in today’s music business. DJ was looking for a vibe; adding that while Sean was good, he didn’t think he was as good as “The Four”. Sean only got two yeses from the panel.

Texas singer songwriter Jefferson Clay brought his guitar for the performance of a James Morrison song. Diddy was banging on the table at the end of the performance; adding that Jefferson was loose and did a beautiful job. Saying that he did a great performance, Meghan noted that he came out like he was at home. Jefferson got four yeses and chose to challenge Jason Warrior. After the challenge performances, Jason held on to his seat for another week and cannot be challenged any more this week.

Next up was Nicole Boggs who has been performing in Nashville. Her dad played in the Johnny Gunn Band. She sang one of Meghan’s songs for her performance. Fergie said that she was speechless after the performance. Meghan said that Nicole was amazing; adding Nicole made it look easy. After getting four yeses, only Candice and Zhavia were left for a challenge; Nicole chose to challenge Zhavia. Zhavia retains her seat after an emotional performance from both singers. Her seat is locked for the night and only Candice remains for a challenge.

Tim Johnson Jr is the son of a Gospel singer and has performed in the stage production of “The Lion King”. He chose to perform the Al Green song “Let’s Stay Together”. Asking is he was sure that he is only 18, Meghan noted that she could see the music in Tim’s body. Calling Tim the ultimate performer, Charlie noted that he couldn’t wait to see what Tim was going to do next if he got to challenge. Tim got four yeses and for the first time on “The Four” all four of the singers in the chairs had to perform. After the final performances of the night, the winner of the challenge was Tim Johnson Jr for the second new member of “The Four” this week.

The Four” returns next week with new challengers and performances.