Last week on “The Four” two of the original superstars held on to their seats when Lex Lu won her challenge and Ash Minor was never challenged; however, Elanese and Blair lost their challenges and were sent home to be replaced by two new superstars – Zhavia and Saeed Renaud.

This week “The Four” will face new challengers when DJ Khalid, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Meghan Trainor, and Charlie Walk determine who is worthy of the challenge.

In order for an artist to earn the right to challenge on of “The Four”, they must get a yes vote from all four of the judges. Once the challenge performances are over the studio audience makes the decision as to who won.

Diddy noted that so far they have seen some good performances, but now they need to see some great performances.

After performances from “The Four”, Candice Boyd was the first to take the stage. Diddy noted that Candice did her thing; adding that he would love to see her go toe to toe with one of “The Four”. Meghan said that her heart was exploding with joy over the performance. Charlie said that the eyes don’t lie; adding that he felt like Candice was singing only to him. DJ Khalid noted that it was a great way to start the show. Candice got four yeses and challenged Ash for his spot. After the performances the audience voted. Host Fergie noted that it was the closest vote so far 55 to 45 percent with Candice taking the win. DJ Khalid told Ash to keep going and do not stop.

Candice’s seat is locked for the night and she cannot be challenged.

After watching the show last week, former child star Stevie Brock took the stage to perform the Maroon 5 hit “Sugar”. Meghan loved Stevie’s stage presence and falsetto but not so much with the rest. Charlie said that he thought Stevie was sweet; adding that a brand is a promise and he wasn’t sure what Stevie’s promise was. Noting the Stevie is a fairly decent performer, Diddy didn’t think it was a great performance. DJ Khalid said that this is not the show to be nervous. For the first time on the show, Stevie got four no votes.

New York City native Cheyenne Elliott came from a musical family…her cousin was Whitney Houston and her grandmother is Dionne Warwick. Meghan loved Cheyenne’s performance of “Wings”; saying that it was a beautiful performance. Diddy told Cheyenne that she needed to sing every word like it was her favourite part. Cheyenne got four yeses and chose to challenge Lex Lu. After the audience vote, Cheyenne dethroned Lex Lu and takes over one of the chairs. With the elimination of Lex, none of the original four remain.

Next up was Brooklyn native Cocoa Sarai. Meghan called the performance beautiful; adding that she believed every second of the song. Diddy asked her if she felt like she could beat one of “The Four”. While he felt deeply emotional, Charlie didn’t think Cocoa had enough to take on one of “The Four”. DJ Khalid was hoping that Charlie wouldn’t fold and they would see a challenge. Cocoa only got three yes votes.

Eighteen year old Kayla Ember got mixed reviews from the judges with DJ Khalid and Charlie noting that while she can sing, they couldn’t go into the studio with just anybody. Meghan noted that performing comes with practice; but Diddy thought Kayla had that something. She received only one yes vote from the judges.

Next up was Jason Warrior who had Charlie saying that he liked him even before Jason opened his mouth to sing. When asked if he was ready, Jason said that he was born ready. He brought the house down with his performance of John Legend’s “Love You Now”. Diddy kept saying, “and the church said Amen!” DJ Khalid said that he felt the pain and the passion in the performance; adding that’s what it’s all about. Charlie said that what he saw from Jason is what he signed up for. Saying that when he buys a ticket for a show, he wants to be taken to another place, Diddy said that what he felt the most was that Jason wanted to challenge one of “The Four”. Getting four yeses, Jason chose to challenge Saeed. After the audience vote, Jason won the challenge and takes over a seat as one of “The Four”.

Next week “The Four” continues with new challenges.