There was t time when children dreamed of running away to join the circus and what they perceived to be fame and fortune.  The circus as we knew it is all but gone today.  But the dreams live on with Cirque Musica.

When Cirque Musica made a tour stop on December 8 and 9 in Niagara Falls in the Events Center at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino for their holiday show they brought a family of performers…and much more.

Along with the family, Cirque Musica included former members of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily Circus and Cirque du Soleil.  There was even one member of the cast who is an eighth generation performer.

Titled “Believe” the show opened by saying, “believing is the first step to making dreams come true.”

Amidst a tour of 24 cities in 35 days, Cirque Musica went beyond a dream when the performers demonstrated feats of strength and flexibility with gravity defying tricks, dances, and song while a full orchestra played on the stage behind ad below them.

Not forgetting the full house of fans, during the performance of “The 12 Days of Christmas” one of the performers ran around handing out cards with numbers for people to raise for each day in the song.

While cirque Musica entertained the crowd for an hour and a half, the show was somewhat limited by the size of the Events Center which prevented the performance of the grand finale Wheel of Death – a double ringed apparatus where performers work outside the wheel up in the air.  Visitors to Seneca Niagara saw the wheel outside the Casino a few summers ago.

Despite the program change, Cirque Musica was a site to behold…and Believe!

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