Award winning duo the Eurythmics have big plans for the coming year – a re-release of their entire studio catalog. The new albums have been re-mastered from the original tapes, not the digitally compressed formats.

Eurythmics_Rock_am_Ring_1987By Elmar J. Lordemann, CC BY-SA 2.0 de,

Beginning on April 13 with “In the Garden”, “Sweet Dreams”, and “Touch” RCA/Legacy will be releasing the albums on vinyl.

Be Yourself Tonight”, “Revenge”, and “Savage” are set for a July release. And “We too Are One” and “Peace” will complete the vinyl set in October.

While most of the catalog was previously released on vinyl, this will mark the first time that “Peace” will get a vinyl release, by the time “Peace” was released in 1999 few albums were being printed on vinyl; as a result the album was only available as a CD and on cassette.

The new releases will feature the original artwork and liner notes.

The duo is also offering up an eleven minute video title Eurythmix that is a mashup of 23 different Eurythmics songs. The career spanning video features videos from 1983 to 2005.

Eurythmics impressive list of awards include an MTV Music Video Award, a Grammy, three Ivor Novellas, eleven Brit Awards – as a duo and as solo awards for Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, a Silver Clef, 26 ASCAP Awards, and induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame.