Las Vegas performer and member of the Scinta family Joe Scinta died in Las Vegas November 17 at the age of 69 as a result of complications from a stroke. His wife was by his side with the couple listening to music at the time of his death.

Scinta suffered the first is a series of strokes on November 5 just before he was to go on the stage to perform.

Originally from Buffalo, Scinta and his brother Frankie, along with Peter O’Donnell, have performed their Rat Pack styled show throughout central and western New York. Sister Chrissi also performed with her brothers until she was sidelined by health issues in 2013. The family took their act to Las Vegas in 2000 where they performed in various showrooms along The Strip.

Scinta is survived by his wife Mary, siblings Frankie and Chrissi, and children – Joe Jr, Nicole, Lisa, Michael, and Nicholas.